Financial Roundup: Apr 30, 2015

On tax e-filing, petrol (gas prices), equities, forex & global investment cycle.
[Update: Petrol prices no increase on May 1, 2015]


– e-Filing for BE extended to May 15 (source:

– Expected price increase in tandem with global oil prices
– Estimated savings of up to RM5 if you filled up full tank before midnight
– Asian markets positive growth (especially Taiwan & Shanghai Composite index) after Chinese Central bank announced reduced reserve requirements to stimulate economy.
– SEA markets more mixed
– Malaysia P/E ratio at 17.1x above 10yr avg P/E ratio if 15.6x
– RM strengthened to RM3.58 vs USD reflecting investor sentiments from upcoming rate hike & mild increase in crude oil prices
– Fed expected raise base lending rates in Oct
– Believe Fed prefer slightly weaker USD to spur exports & inflate imports
– RM forecasted remain between 3.45-3.70/USD (midpoint 3.50)
Global Economic Cycle
– Appear to be at timing before the start of economic slowdown as share market valuations largely ok
– May take a while (even years) before really enters global economic slowdown
– Investing may be selective good opportunities depending on market country & individual investment picks

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