Client Testimonials

MyPF has a simple goal to help people grow, especially financially. Here are what some of our clients have to say about MyPF.

On Personal Finances

“THANK YOU so much for your time and advice! I have it sorted out as per your recommendation and very happy with the arrangement. Really, really glad I found you.”
~Ms Natasha, Malaysia (online)


“Thank you. Appreciate your help and have been very blessed. I pray that God will continue to grow this work of yours and enable you to help many others in the area of personal finances.”
~Josh, Penang


“Thanks for the review and helping out myself and those who need help with personal finances. Such an affordable pricing.”
~Dato’ Lai, Penang


“Awesome, review of my last year and having questions and planning for the year ahead.”
~ZL, Penang


“My words can’t describe how grateful I am for your help while I get a grip on my personal finance. Very valuable advice and involvement in ensuring my understanding of my personal finance. Thank you so much!”
~Ms Liew, Penang


“Good! Two thumbs up.”
~Ms Izan, Selangor


“Thank you for the very good personal finances advice. It helps us so much & makes everything so much simpler.”
~Mr & Mrs Lim, Selangor


On Investing

“Oh wow. Great! Really like MyPF. Interested in learning more on stock market investing.”
~Ben, Selangor


“Thanks for the detailed analysis and advise.”
~Mr Lee, Kuala Lumpur


“Thank you for your advice. You did a very detailed analysis on investments.”
~Mr Peter, Singapore



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