A friend was looking to reduce dining/groceries expenses. We had an impromptu discussion with a group of friends & here are some of the things we came up with. Thanks E, HL & all who gave suggestions 🙂


  • Set budget in each separate category (e.g. dining out, groceries)
  • Create shopping list; avoid impulse purchases
  • Reduce junk food/unhealthy foods
  • Look for value (not cheap!) alternatives
  • Use a calculator (re: phone) to calculate the price per unit
  • Mix dining at different price level places
  • Couples can share drinks/bring own water out
  • If cooking, difficult & expensive to cook for 1 or 2 – organise & host get together w a few friends rotating
  • Consider credit card (up to equivalent 7.5% discount w AmEx)
  • Bread/oatmeal for breakfast (healthier too!)
  • Coupon sites try out new eating places; discount/privilege cards for fav frequents
  • If you are into coffee, invest in a coffee machine & get beans as it is much cheaper per cup outside or even 3-in-1s

What other suggestions do you have for dining & groceries shopping?