An overview of the 7 rules that apply to investing


  1. Always know what income you are working for
    • Earned income (salary)
    • Portfolio income (paper assets, stocks, bonds)
    • Passive income
  2. Earned Income > Passive Income + Portfolio Income
  3. Keep Earned Income secure by buying securities that converts earned income to Passive + Portfolio Income
  4. The Investor is really the Asset & Liability
    Invest in something that can be fixed that the crowd also likes (niche)
  5. A true investor is prepared for whatever happens
  6. If you are prepared (education + experience) & you find a good deal, the money will find you or you will find the money (All about people, people, people)
  7. The ability to evaluate Risk & Reward (Education + Experience + Excessive Cash
    (This allows you to afford losing & still profit from the lost!)