Did you know that Great Eastern Life Assurance provides a free Car Assistance program?


Criteria: Health Protector, Investment Link Health Protector or qualified ILP medical plan

Note: Please check with your insurance agent/provider to confirm if you are qualified

Car Assistance
Services offered are:
1. Road Assistance Services
1.1 24 hours Emergency Towing and Minor Roadside Repair
If the registered vehicle is immobilised due to accident or breakdown, the Driver may contact Car Assist’s 24 hours Alarm Centre for immediate assistance. If it is possible to repair the vehicle on the spot, a mechanic shall be dispatched for such roadside repair services. If it is not possible to repair the car on site, the vehicle shall be towed to a workshop for repair. A maximum of RM300.00 will be covered.

1.2 Car Replacement Assistance
If the Driver of the registered vehicle requires a car replacement in the event of a breakdown or accident involving the vehicle, Car Assist will refer and assist the Driver to arrange for car rental. Cost of car rental shall be borne by the Driver.

1.3 Arrangement for Hotel Accommodation
In the event of a breakdown or Accident involving the registered vehicle and the Driver needs hotel accommodation, Car Assist will assist the Driver to organise for hotel reservation. Cost incurred for such hotel accommodation will be borne by the Driver.

1.4 Referral to Service Centre
The Driver of the registered vehicle may contact Car Assist to arrange for referral to the nearest repair and service centre for car servicing or repair. Car Assist will also arrange for prior appointment for the Driver. All costs incurred will be borne by the Driver.

2. Maximum Repair / Towing Limit
Car Assist will organise and pay for the towing and/or labour cost for roadside repair up to maximum of RM300 per event. Cost incurred for any spare parts are excluded.

3. Territorial Limits
Services will be available within Peninsular Malaysia excluding all islands except for Penang, Langkawi and Labuan. Whilst in East Malaysia, services will be available in Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Tawau, Sibu, Bintulu, Miri and Kuching.

4. Exclusions
4.1 Vehicle not prior registered under this programme
4.2 Vehicle used for commercial reasons including trucks, taxis, buses and vehicles registered under Hire and Drive
4.3 Any person who drives the registered vehicle without a valid driving license or not authorised to drive or disqualified by law from driving
4.4 Services not organised directly by Car Assist
4.5 Any expenses incurred without prior approval and written authorisation by Car Assist
4.6 Any cost of service covered under the registered vehicle’s insurance policy
4.7 Any costs of repair or replacement of parts and components in the workshop or service centre
4.8 Registered vehicle has been modified for participation in rally and racing, or vehicles modified against government regulations.

How to Apply

Fill up & submit Application for Car Assistance Program form

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