RON95/97 price drops lower then most people hoped. Diesel prices unexpectedly increases.petrol_pump

Update Dec 1 Petrol Pricing:

RON95: 2.26 (-4 cents)
RON97: 2.46 (-9 cents)
Diesel: 2.23 (+3 cents)

Overall pricing drops of 4 cents for RON95 slightly on low side.
Some users are switching from RON95 to RON97 as the price difference is only 20 cents/l. For an average fuel tank size of 40l, the difference is RM8 for a full tank.
Arguable though on the performance gain for RON 97. Some claim better fuel economy with RON97 for long distances. However this has yet to be statistically proven. Personally I think there is better pickup with RON97. However, would only recommend RON97 if you are using a higher performance vehicle which recommends RON97.

Unexpectedly though is the increase in diesel prices in contrary to dropping prices. Transportation companies are threatening to raise prices which would have an unhealthy spillover effect on good & services.

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