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A few friends were looking for a budget replacement vehicle. Sharing buying tips & a comparison of the best choices available. What used car should you consider with a 30k budget?


Used Car General Info

  • 1st year depreciation: ~30%
  • 2nd year onwards depreciation: dependent on vehicle make & model
  • Best resale value brands: Toyota, Mercedes, Perodua, Honda, BMW
  • Best resale models: Perodua MyVi.Viva, Toyota Vios/Innova, Camry, Altis, Honda Civic, Mercedes Benz C-Class, Mini Cooper

Used Car General Info

  • Get Expertise: Check car with car freak friend and/or a trusted mechanic
  • Be Thorough: Check for rust, air cond & all electronic parts (windows, audio, lights, etc). Don’t be shy
  • Test Drive: Nothing replaces a test drive. Test out each car. And better more than one of each car to feel for any irregularities.
  • Check History: Ask the seller questions (why selling, accident history etc). Check & verify with JPJ & police records.

Best Choices Below 30k

Perodua Axia

Although actually this is not a used car, but a brand new spanking car you can get below 30k.

Engine Capacity: 1.0L
Year: NEW
Price: 24k up
More Info:

Perodua MyVi

Engine Capacity: 1.3L
Year: 2011
Price: ~28k

Perodua Viva

Engine Capacity: 1.0L
Year: 2012
Price: ~17k

Toyota Avanza

Engine Capacity: 1.3L
Year: 2008
Price: ~29k

More Info

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