What to Expect when Expecting (a baby, financially)

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Congratulations to all parents (and parents to be!) Having a child is indeed a blessing & a time of great joy! Wise parents will also have a plan & make necessary changes including planning financially, wisely with the increasing costs of raising children in today’s world. What expenses should you expect with your bundle of joy?


Having a baby does required financial commitment including budget & expenses considerations. Here are guidelines as a reference to expected one-time & regular expenses.

One Time Expenses Estimate in Malaysia

  • Baby Products: 2,500
  • Delivery: 5,000
  • Confinement Lady/Products: 3,000
  • Vaccinations: 2,000 (private hospital)
  • Misc: 1,000
  • Total: 13,500

Regular Monthly Costs Estimate in Malaysia


  • Exclude/reduce confinement lady & babysitter costs if parents assisting.
  • Reduce expenses accordingly for 2nd hand items and/or gifts.
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