Is the newly launched AirAsia Asean Pass worthwhile? Let’s take a look.
Information based on AirAsia website. E&OE. 


Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore


  • You purchase beforehand credits to use instead of individual flights.
  • Each flight costs 1 or 3 credits (each way). No processing fee.
    Airport tax not inclusive (need to pay separately).
  • You can only use pass 14days after purchasing & have 30/60 days to travel before your pass expires from the 1st travel date (within 1 year of purchase).
  • You cannot repeat routes (E.g. You cannot fly from KL-SG-KL more then once with the same pass).


Pass Options


  • Choose between 10 credits (30 days validity) OR 20 credits (60 days validity)

Crunching the Numbers

Note: MYR used as currency for comparison. Numbers rounded up where applicable. 


  • Average cost per credit VS standard booking: 78
  • 30 days for 499 (10 credits) – Cost per credit: 50
  • 60 days for 888 (20 credits) – Cost per credit: 45
  • 30 days savings estimate: 35% (~28 less per credit equivalent)
  • 60 days savings estimate: 42% (~33 less per credit equivalent)

Overall (TLDR)

  • If you are planning to travel even somewhat frequently around Asean, the pass gives good savings of 35% (or 42% for 20 credits pass).
  • However, do be aware of guidelines especially the min 14 days booking after purchase, 30/60 days travel validity) & no repeat of the same route.
  • If you have a long stretch of days off (leave, sabbatical or exploring Asean countries) OR if you travel frequently to different countries for work, the AirAsia Asean pass does provide good savings.


Q: Can I purchase more than one AirAsia Asean Pass?
A: Yes, you can purchase up to five AirAsia Asean Passes at one time.

Q: Can I combine credits (with others) or carry forward credits to new pass?
A: No.

Q: Can I buy the AirAsia Asean Pass for someone else?
Yes. The AirAsia Asean Pass will be listed under your AirAsia BIG Shot membership ID.

Q: Can I change or cancel my flight?
Yes up to 48hrs prior to travel. Charges may apply for flight change/fare difference.

Q: Is fuel surcharge inclusive?
A: Currently no mention of this as not applicable while fuel surcharges are removed (for now).

Q: Are all flights available? (E.g. Penang – Singapore is not listed; But Singapore – Penang is listed)
A: Yes, as per http://www.airasia.c…, the ASEAN Pass also cover PEN-SIN. It is alright as long as the origin & destination is Asean country.

Confirmed by AirAsia chat

Confirmed by AirAsia chat