Is Change Scary or Exciting? The answer is probably in between both of these. Courage (e.g. in times of change) is not the absence of fear but how we respond well despite our fears. A sword can only be forged in very high temperatures. Steel sharpens steel. We are certainly excited over the coming changes & hope you will be too! 😀


We are thankful & very pleased to announce some upcoming changes on the site to help serve you even better!

Key Changes

1. Focus on Content

  • We will be increasingly focused on content (still totally absotively free). More quality PF-related articles. We also plan to complete the various key articles (on top menu bar) that have been “coming soon” for a while now (paiseh-ya).
  • We will be removing ads (that sometimes appear) because we were graciously hosted at
  • Our content will be more streamlined focused on Personal Finances, Risk Management and investment planning.

2. Website Domain Changes

  • We learnt that in Malaysia, you cannot use “finance” as part of your website domain name (We really liked 🙁 )
  • We will be announcing our new domain name in the near future!
  • We will be hosting the site on our own via
  • We are very thankful to our new web designer David

3. Change Setup Structure

  • Unfortunately our frank sharing of PF-related articles & opinions online has ruffled a few feathers
  • We will be making a few changes to the setup structure of this site to ensure we stay up
  • We apologize that we cannot share more of this at this juncture but please do pray for us & continue to support the site! 🙂