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As we head into Malaysia day, everything feels a bit muted. Heck everything even appears a bit muted with the haze. No one likes to be eating dirt covered ice cream (haze & dust ice cream anyone? ;)).

A large part of the cloudiness would be with the Ringgit down in the dumps, the Bursa headed on a downtrend & a country grappling with seemingly never ending corruption & coercion. And fears of racial tensions & violence stirred up.

It’s hard to find joy or pride in these circumstances.

Yet the rain makes all things new. The only constant is change itself even though it may sometimes appear imperceptibly standing still. Cooler heads will prevail. As the valleys dip, it will rise again. The truth will always bubble to the top. And grey clouds will eventually blow away.

Happy Malaysia day.

Do you feel pessimistic, optimistic or gravitate between both (like the author of this post)?