Without being morbid, what are the main causes of death in Malaysia?

Death pathway


Top 20 Causes of Death in Malaysia (and risk factors)

  1. Coronary Heart Disease (smoking, obesity, family history of CHD)
  2. Stroke (smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, excessive alcohol intake)
  3. Influenza and Pneumonia (infection, fungi, lowered immune system)
  4. Lung Disease (smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholestrol levels, diabetes)
  5. Road Traffic Accidents (your choice of transportation)
  6. Diabetes (age above 45, obesity, genetics, sendentary lifestyle)
  7. Breast Cancer (age above 50, family history, benign lumps, oestrogen exposure, radiation exposure, alcohol consumption, hormone replacement therapy)
  8. Lung Cancer (smoking, secondhand smoke exposure, radon/occupational exposure)
  9. HIV/AIDS (sexual contact, mother-baby during birth/breastfeeding, syringes)
  10. Other Injuries
  11. Kidney Disease (high blood pressure, diabetes, SLE, polycystic kidney disease, kidney stones)
  12. Colon-Rectum Cancer (age above 60, family history, high red meat diet, alcohol, smoking, obesity, digestive disorders, inactivity, genetic condition)
  13. Hypertension (family hisotry, high amount of salt in food, lack of exercise, obesity, smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs)
  14. Asthma (triggered by dust mites, animal fur, pollen, cigarette smoke, exercise, viral infections)
  15. Liver Cancer (obesity, unhealthy diet, fatty liver, hepatitis, heavy drinking)
  16. Falls (age above 65, poor vision, wet floor, stairs, poor lighting, self home maintenance)
  17. Tuberculosis (living in area with high TB risk or crowded conditions, prolonged close contact with TB infection, age very young/old, poor health weakened immune system)
  18. Inflammatory/Heart (cholestrol, diabetes, smoking)
  19. Liver Disease (alcohol misuse, long-term hepatitis)
  20. Prostate Cancer (age above 50, being male, family history, obesity, inactivity, diet)


Average Life Expectancy

  1. Male: 72
  2. Female: 76
  3. All: 74