Public Mutual Declares RM141m Dividend for 14 funds for financial year end June 30, 2016

Public Mutual


EPF Members Investment Scheme

  • PB Growth Fund
  • PB Balanced Fund
  • PB Infrastructure Bond Fund
  • PB Islamic Bond Fund
  • PB Cash Management Fund
  • Public Islamic Savings Fund
  • Public Islamic Money Market Fund

PB series of funds are distributed by Public Bank

Public series of funds are distributed by PMF UT consultants


About PMF

  • Largest market share for retail funds (49.6%)
  • Largest market share for PRS (41.9%)
  • Total net asset value (NAV): RM66.9b
  • Total funds: 121
  • 32 customer service centres/branches
  • 23 fund managers & 30 research analysts
  • All funds managed in-house


Q: Does this mean that the other funds from PMF are not performing?
A: Not necessarily. Only 14 funds with the financial year end of June 30th are declaring dividends. Other dividend announcements are at other times.

Q: Would you recommend investing in UT?
A: UT performance was very good especially in the early years (i.e. 90s). However, investors face challenges in Malaysia with high charges upon buying (3-6%) & annual charges (1-2%) that reduce returns. A personalized recommendation would be upon meeting with the individual. In general though, you may consider investing using EPF funds & for PRS for tax/youth incentive purposes. There also exists discount brokerages for most funds (not including PMF) that charge lower fees. Controversially to some, we opinion that UT investments are high risk & arguably riskier than investing in shares.