Great Early Cancer Care Special (GECC-S) from Great Eastern Life Assurance offers Critical Illness insurance for specially selected customers until Dec 31. 2016
(Last updated: Nov 4, 2016 with program extended with GECC-S 2 until Dec 31, 2016)




GECC-S Key Benefits

  • Benefits for early stage cancer, intermediate stage cancer & advanced stage cancer
  • Payout 50% of Basic Sum Assured (BSA) on early stage cancer (most CI policies payout only on intermediate / advanced stage)
  • BSA bounces back from 50% (after claiming 50%) to 100% automatically 6 months after diagnosis date of early stage cancer (recovery benefit)
  • 150% BSA  payout upon intermediate / advanced stage cancer
  • Total coverage 200% BSA for early, intermediate & advanced stage cancer
  • Non-participating plan
  • No waiting period between submission of claims
  • No medical underwriting
  • Coverage until age 80 (most CI plans cover until age 70 only)


Other Benefits

  • Death benefit (lump sum): total premium paid OR cash value (whichever is higher)
  • Maturity benefit: total premium paid OR 100% BSA (whichever is higher)


GECC Qualifications

  • Selected GE customers only with hospital & CI plans, & no prior cancer-related claims
  • Age: 30days – 60 next bday
  • BSA: Choice of 50/100/150/200/250/300k



  • If multiple CI claims simultaneously, highest CI claim applicable
  • Policy terminates on intermediate / advanced stage cancer with full payout
  • Waiting period of 60 days from policy start date before any cancer claims
  • Excluded if caused by AIDS/HIV


Example Scenario: Claims early stage cancer benefit, claims recovery benefit & then claims intermediate/advanced stage cancer benefit

  • BSA: RM100,000
  • Cancer early stage benefit (50%): RM50,000
  • Recovery benefit after 6mths (50%): RM50,000
  • Intermediate/Advanced Stage cancer benefit (100%): RM100,0000
  • Total Payout (200% of BSA): RM200,000


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