What’s the buzz & beza with Perodua’s first sedan (Updated Jul 16 with pricing)



Trivia: Perodua Bezza’s name may be inspired by “beza” (different) & the double ZZ looks like 22 which is how old Perodua is


Key Facts

  • Dimension: 4.15m (L) x 1.62m (W) x 1.51m (H)
  • Built on Perodua Axia’s platform with Daihatsu tech
  • 5* NCAP Rating for the 1.3 Advance version (after the original MyVi safety fiasco…); 4* for other versions
  • 5-years warranty (or 150,000km)
  • Pros: Affordable!; Fuel efficiency; Big boot space; Foldable back seat; Dual air-bags; Push start button; Eco Idle (Premium version only)
  • Cons: 1.0 (AT) feels sluggish; back seat less roomy than most B-segment sedans; Dashboard feels quite sparse in the 1.0 ver.;


Additional Info

  • Variants: 1.0 Standard G (MT & AT), 1.3 Premium X (MT & AT); 1.3 Advance (AT)
  • Colors: Sugar Brown, Ocean Blue, Lava Red, Ebony Black, Glittering Silver, Solid Ivory White
  • Booking Available: Jul 16, 2016 (Sat)
  • Launch Date: Jul 21, 2016 (Thu)



  • Pricing: 37-51k (between MyVi & Axia)
  • Monthly Loan repayment: 715-975
    at 3% full loan for 5 years



The Bottom Line on Brezza

While we await for the actual pricing to be revealed, the Bezza appears to be a good option for those who like sedans & are looking to purchase their 1st new vehicle (with their own money) especially compared with an entry level City or Vios for city driving & the occasional outstation trip.


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Buying New (e.g. Brezza) vs Used

  • Cost: a new car is more expensive although you do get better loan rates & can get a full loan
  • Depreciation: a new car depreciates at a much faster cost (although Japanese makes tend to hold better value)
  • Condition: lesser issues with a newer car while with a used car you will want a mechanic to fully check the car condition & be ready to pay more for maintenance
  • Warranty: your used cars is very likely no longer under warranty
  • Safety: newer models have usually better safety features & ratings
  • Smell: ahhh. that new car smell. But in all seriousness, a used car may have been exposed to smoke, pets & the like.
  • Overly new: a new car may have unknown issues that have yet to surface if it’s a brand new model



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