The Trump Effect

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What could very well happen if Donald Trump become’s the 45th president of the United States of America after securing his party’s nomination & announcing his running mate.


The Trump Effect
Trump often makes populist moves based on what would attract the majority. His bid for presidency appears to be a long planned strategy pretty well executed (Scott Adams of Dilbert fame has written on this). Trump famously said there’s a bubble which will burst devastating the (US & world) on Good Morning America but has since said he can “fix it”.


Pros: some may feel safer & that jobs are protected
Cons: possibly reality ending up causing actual economic loss; increased costs for companies dependent on foreign labour; less accessible for visitors/tourists


Pros: pro-growth; reduced taxes for poorest
Cons: revenue loss


Pros: increased healthcare insurance competition reducing costs
Cons: dismantling of ObamaCare affecting coverage options & those with pre-existing conditions


Pro/Con: US protectionist policies (good for US companies & not so much for the rest of the world)
TBD: Branding China as a currency manipulator (How China responds will affect us too)



There may be off the cuff, potentially explosive statements & mispeaks from Trump & co. And repercussions may be significant if uttered by a US president. For example, his wife Melanie Trump’s speech which sounds like a copy of Michelle Obama’s speech 8 years ago. And his Trump-Pence logo which is now a meme as the butt of  sexual jokes & wiping one’s bum (any old frees reading this? ;))




Likely Trump-friendly Investments

  • Companies that middle class would spend more disposable income on (reduced taxes)
  • Insurance (increased profitability w less restrictions)
  • Defense & arms related (pro armed forces)
  • Construction (re: Great Wall of Mexico)
  • Coal (increase jobs) & aluminium (anti-China dumping)

Gold: money printing dropping USD & inversely gold more valued


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