EPF Relaxes Foreign UT Requirements

2017-04-12T11:44:43+08:00By |Government, Unit Trust|

EPF removing 30% foreign shareholding cap for EPF approved UT investments effective Aug 1, 2016.


Current EPF Members Investment Scheme (MIS)

  • EPF members can opt to withdraw part of AC1 to invest in unit trust (UT) funds
  • Only UT with < 30% foreign exposure allowed
  • +5% allowance in excess of the 30% threshold is permitted if it is due to share market movements and/or redemption activities conducted by investors.
  • 333 UT funds (As of Apr 1, 2017)


New EPF Members Investment Scheme (MIS)

  • No other changes to EPF members withdrawal from AC1 requirements
  • Removal of foreign exposure clause
  • 47 new UT fund investment options
  • Increase to 380 UT funds


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