Fundsupermart Recommended UT Seminar 2016/2017

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Fundsupermart (FSM), recommended UT seminar 2016/2017. FSM is an online UT distribution arm of iFast capital.


FSM Welcome Address
By Wong Weiyi (FSM Malaysia GM)
Updates on Penang Staff
• Sean (Client Investment Specialist)
• Joanna (new CIS)
• Wei Ping (new call out service)
Overall 15 analysts (Total above 20 inc bonds, ETF, stocks, etc)
Volatility 1H
Brexit? Trump presidency? Other?
FSM launches insurance
• 30% cost savings
• Current: HLA, Manulife, MCIS

1% sales charge UT promotion (until Aug 5, 2016)


FSM Recommended UT List




Speakers Sharing

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