Penang: IJM Land Priority 1st Anniversary this Sep 3-4, 2016 open to public with exclusive gifts for priority program members.




Program Schedule

  • 11am: open for registration
    • Face Painting
    • DIY photo frame for kids
    • Pokeball Free Kick Corner
    • Magikarp Ping Pong Fishing
    • Photobooth (1st session) – 1 hour
    • Lucky Spin
  • 11:30am: light refreshments (1st serving)
    • Pikachu mascot – 2 hours
  • 12pm: coffee truck & ice cream trucks
  • 1pm: Photobooth (2nd session) – 2 hours
  • 2pm: Pikachu mascot – 2 hours
  • 3pm: light refreshments (2nd serving)
  • 6pm: end


Priority Program

  • Silver (<RM3m): 1% cash rebate
  • Gold (RM3m-10m): 1.25% cash rebate
  • Platinum (>RM10m): 1.5% cash rebate
  • Based on accumulated property purchased value
  • For property above RM500k


Referral Program 

  • Cash reward from RM5k-RM100k
  • For new IJM customers only upon successful purchase Light Collection II, III or IV



Projects Update: Terraces (Bukit Jambul, Penang)


  • Location: next to INTI College
  • Type: Condomium only (est 410 units)
  • Leasehold: yes
  • Affordable Housing: no
  • Size: expected from 9xx sf
  • Pricing: TBD (above 6xx psf)
  • Launch date: TBD (maybe 2017)
  • Open for registration of interest


Project Update: The Light (Gelugor, Penang)


  • Collection IV
  • Pricing: From RM1.7m
  • Water Villas
    • 19 Villas
  • The Condominium
    • 6-storeys
    • 69 units
    • Type: A1-4; B1-2; C1-2; D1-4; E1-3
    • Size: 1991 sf – 4435+1184 sf



Project Update: Trehaus (Bukit Jambul, Penang)


  • Units: 46 Condo + 23 Villas (semi-detached)
  • Pricing: from RM1.4m (6xx psf)


Projects Update: Permatang Sanctuary (Bukit Mertajam, Penang)


  • Location: 5 mins from AEON Alma
  • Availability: 2-storey link semi-detached, bungalow units
  • 10% rebate + cash bonus (phase 2 only)
  • 8% rebate (phase 3 only)
  • Upcoming Open Day: Sep 16, 2016 (Permatang Sanctuary Sales Gallery @ BM)




  • Plushie door gift: Nemo / shark
  • Priority members only
  • Collect on 16th floor


Lucky Spin


  • Priority members only
  • Prizes
    1. Mobile USB fan
    2. Travel adaptor
    3. Mug
    4. Mystery Gift
    5. T-shirt
  • Special Prize: Yacht Ride
  • Grand Prize (Happy hour only): Bike


Pokemon Go Insta Photo Booth


MyPF staff lured into taking a photo


Photomon Props

Photomon Props


Pokemon Mascot Appearance


Pika with Squirt buddy



What’s that thing on top that looks like PCK’s hair?!


Magikarp Ping Pong Throw


Magikarp I choose joo! (If only we had a bucket to catch loose pokeballs…)

Prize: fridge magnet
Tip: Aim directly into the nearest bowl instead of bouncing


Pokemon Penalty Kick


Charmander (ironically) facing the fire

Prize: Pokemon Go card pack
Tip: Aim for the middle center one as you only need to adjust height vertically




A break of the highest floor


Turun… makan lagi…

Buffet line 16th & Ground Floor
Action stall: char koay teow
Food trucks (ice cream, coffee)

Eat more ice cream (the cone is surprisingly not bad)

Eat more ice cream (the cone is surprisingly not bad)

The friendly mobile baristas of CoffeeTALK (the signature iced coffee is one of the best iced coffee I have ever had!)

The friendly mobile baristas of CoffeeTALK (the signature iced coffee is one of the best iced coffee I have ever had!)


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Disclosure: The writer is an owner of IJM Land properties