Alternate title: How to stop pesky telemarketers from calling you promoting &#%Y*&^#*$ products!!



What is PDPA?

This law was enacted in 2010 & enforced on 15th November 2013 by the Malaysian government to protect your personal data in commercial transactions


Apa tu Personal Data?

Info in/directly identifiable to an individual (i.e. IC no, address, email, etc)


What are Your Rights?

  1. To access & update your personal data
  2. To withdraw your consent for sharing of personal data OR for any purpose other than the service you have agreed to receive

Note: Only applicable for data processed in or intended for Malaysia. Act not applicable for Federal & State Governments.


Update: PDP Standard 2015 (Standard Perlindungan Data Peribadi 2015)

  • Establishment of the Security Standard For Personal Data Processed Electronically
  • Establishment of the of Security Standard For Personal Data Processed Non-Electronically Retention Standard
  • Establishment of the Retention Standard For Personal Data Processed Electronically And Non-Electronically. Data Integrity Standard
  • Establishment of the Data Integrity Standard For Personal Data Processed Electronically And Non-Electronically.


How to Stop Pesky Telemarketers (Yes, there are 5 “options” for you to choose from)

Option 1: Get Angry (which is a really bad option for your health & stress levels…)



Option 2: Sarcasm (?!)


(Source: Scribbleville Comics)


Option 3: Inappropriate Responses (No we aren’t actually suggesting this, else you’ll end up sounding like a creep & maybe face a lawsuit)




Option 4: Use the Anti-Telemarketing Counterscript (Hilarious & throws the telemarketer off course)

(Source: Anti-Telemarketing EGBG CounterScript)


Option 5: Get Removed from the Marketing List

  • Inform telemarketer/representative calling to request that you are removed from call list as per Personal Data Protection Act 2010.
  • Send an email to the company/customer service stating removal from call list as per requested on call on date/time.
  • Inform the bank/financial institution/company as well to removed from marketing / third party marketing promotions preventing your information sent to subsidiary companies
  • And ta-dah. You are pretty much guaranteed to be removed from the call list.


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