Have you been following the US Presidential debate of Hillary versus Trump? The 1st two are over & here’s what’s to know.

Last updated: Oct 14, 2016



Why does it matter?

  • High possibility US political intervention in other countries including Malaysia
  • Trade effect especially the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) which affects Asian countries including Malaysia
  • Economic decisions & effects on the US market which has a correlation effect on most other markets including Malaysia


Sep 26 8:30pm ET First presidential debate


Key Points

  • Trump: US being used unfairly by other countries, portrayal of fear, bubble going to burst
  • Clinton: Plans for economy, ISIS, crime, etc.
  • Opinion: 1-0 for Hillary. While the bubbles are something to be watchful of, a climate of fear is not healthy. There’s a need to be rational, aware & plan.


Q: Who is the best person to go fishing with?

A: Take Clinton. She baits great!! 😛

(Source: uncle Ray, the cow whisperer)


Market Response

  • Markets declare Hillary winner of first U.S. presidential debate (What? Talking markets?! Basically how the market moves & indication of what will move if Hilary wins
  • Mexican peso jumps up 2% (the wall idea is cracking…)
  • Bookies shortened odds on Hillary winning


3 Stocks to go long on if Trump wins

[stockdio-historical-chart symbol=”AAPL”]

Apple (AAPL): repatriate substantial foreign earnings back to US & reduced corporate tax rates

[stockdio-historical-chart symbol=”CEO”]

CEO Group (CEO): prison & security companies related to the US govt benefit as crackdown on illegal immigrants

[stockdio-historical-chart symbol=”CX”]

Cemex (CX): you need a lotta cement to build a long wall spanning 1000 miles… 😛


3 Stocks to go long on if Hillary wins

[stockdio-historical-chart symbol=”LMT”]

Lockheed Martin (LMT): US dpmt of defence biggest contractor continues business as usual…

[stockdio-historical-chart symbol=”AET”]

Aetna (AET): healthcare provider continue to grow with Obamacare & Medicare Advantage expanding

[stockdio-historical-chart symbol=”FSLR”]

First Solar (FSLR): as she is pro renewable energy especially solar


More info


Oct 4 8:30pm ET Vice presidential debate



Oct 9 8:30pm ET Second presidential debate


Overall: Trump exceeds (low) expectations & puts Hilary on back peddle with attacks. Trump 1 – Hillary 1


US Presidential Debates Schedule

  • 2016 Debates Live Stream Schedule
  • Sep 26 8:30pm ET First presidential debate
  • Oct 4 8:30pm ET Vice presidential debate
  • Oct 9 8:30pm ET Second presidential debate
  • Oct 19 8:30pm ET Third presidential debate
  • Note: 8:30PM ET is 8:30AM in Malaysia the next day



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