US Vice Presidential Debate

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The VP debate between Pence vs Kaine is over & here are the results. Two VP candidates squabbling & the moderator struggling to keep them in line.



  • Pence steady, calm & prepared performance vs often interrupting Kaine
  • Pence (Trump) vs Kaine (Hillary): 1-0
  • Overall Score: Trump 1 vs Hillary 1


Oct 4 8:30pm ET Vice presidential debate


US VP Debate


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US Presidential Debates Schedule

  • 2016 Debates Live Stream Schedule
  • Sep 26 8:30pm ET First presidential debate
  • Oct 4 8:30pm ET Vice presidential debate
  • Oct 9 8:30pm ET Second presidential debate
  • Oct 19 8:30pm ET Third presidential debate
  • Note: 8:30PM ET is 8:30AM in Malaysia the next day



Twitter Live Stream for Upcoming Debates


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