Info on Full Paying Patient Services (FPP) or Perkhidmatan Pesakit Bayar Penuh (PPBP) for private healthcare in public hospitals in Malaysia.

Updated: May 8, 2019

What is Full Paying Patient (FPP) Services?

FPP is a private healthcare service offered through selected hospitals in Malaysia whereby patients need to bear the cost of treatment on their own.

Implementation objectives

  • Reduce “problem” of private hospitals referring clients to government hospitals
  • Profit sharing given to doctor treating patient to offer competitive compensation
  • Reduce government medical treatment subsidy to citizens

FPP Advantages

  • Patient’s choice of doctor/specialist/medical officer (min 3 years experience)
  • Scheduled (presumably faster) treatment/procedure date & times
  • Better room facilities with executive / 1st class / VIP room choices
  • Separate check-in counter (depending on hospital)
  • Food based on 1st class or equivalent food at the hospital

FPP Disadvantages

  • Costs (which are stated to be competitively priced) are fully paid by patient (or insurance)
  • Treatment is scheduled after the doctors official working hours (kira OT lar)
  • Some patients have complained that queues are long & wait times almost as long as subsidized patients

FPP Eligibility

  • Malaysian or non-Malaysian paying on own
  • Government employees choosing for FPP
  • Corporate/private employees with medical expenditure under FPP agreed to be borne by company

FPP Services

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Daily treatment
  • Admission treatment
  • Consultation
  • Therapy services
  • Surgery & procedures

FPP Specialisations

  • Anaesthesiology (RM120 – 4800)
  • Cardiology (RM120 – 4800)
  • Common Procedures (RM20 – 600)
  • Dentistry (RM20 – 4400)
  • Dermatology (RM30 – 750)
  • Gastrohepatology (RM300 – 1500)
  • General Medicine (RM50 – 3600)
  • Hand & Microsurgery (RM50 – 4800)
  • Hepatobiliary (RM750 – 4800)
  • Obstetric & Gynaecology (RM50 – 4800)
  • Opthalmology (RM20 – 4800)
  • Ortopaedic (RM50 – 3600)
  • Otorhinolaryngology (RM120 – 4800)
  • Nephrology (RM400 – 1000)
  • Neurosurgery (RM400 – 4800)
  • Paediatric (RM75 – 4800)
  • Plastic Surgery (RM300 – 4800)
  • Psychiatry (RM20 – 120)
  • Radiology (RM300 – 4800)
  • Rehabilitation (RM50 – 120)
  • Urology (RM75 – 4800)

FPP Charges


  • Minimum RM3,000 OR 50% of estimated total treatment costs (whichever higher)
  • Additional deposit (checked daily) to ensure min RM1,000 cash balance (payable within 24 hours)

Registration and Consultation Charges Estimate

  • New registration: RM10
  • New consultation: RM100 (RM150 after office hours)
  • Repeat consultation: RM60 (RM90 after office hours)

Registration and Consultation Charges (Daily Treatment) Estimate

  • New registration: RM10
  • Consultation: RM60 (RM120 after office hours)
  • Consultation for ICU: RM90 (RM180 after office hours)

Hospital Bed Daily Charges Estimate

  • Executive: RM300
  • First Class (1 bedded): RM160
  • First Class (2 bedded): RM130
  • First Class (4 bedded): RM80

FPP Fees Profit Sharing



FPP Admission Process

  • Sign & register bringing IC/birth cert/passport/visa
  • Guarantee letter from company or insurer (if applicable)
  • Deposit payment (as informed by hospital – est. min 3k or 50% total costs)
  • Reference letter (if applicable)
  • Consultation hours: 8am-5pm

FPP Inquiries/Registration

  • Walk in or get information from Kaunter FPP (FPP Counter)
  • Recommendation by public or private hospital doctor
  • Email to inquire on FPP:
  • Call to inquire on FPP: +603-8312 4316

FPP Hospitals List

PenangHospital Pulau PinangJalan Residensi, 10990 George Town04-222 5621
PutrajayaHospital PutrajayaJalan P9, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan Presint 7, 6225003-8312 4200 ext 4371
SelangorHospital AmpangJalan Mewah Utara, Pandan Mewah, 68000 Ampang03-4289 6081
SelangorHospital SelayangLebuh Raya Selayang - Kepong, 68100 Batu Caves03-6126 3288
SelangorHospital SerdangJalan Puchong, 43000 Kajang03-8947 5555 ext 1669
SelangorHospital Sungai BulohJalan Hospital, 47000 Sungai Buloh03-6145 4333 ext 1302
JohorHospital Sultanah AminahJalan Abu Bakar, Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar, 80000 JB07-225 7000 ext 2564
JohorHospital Sultan IsmailJalan Persiaran Mutiara Emas Utama, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 JB07-356 5000
SabahHospital Queen Elizabeth 2Lorong Bersatu, Off Luyang, Jalan Damai, 88300 Kota Kinabalu088-324 600 ext 2070
SarawakHospital Umum SarawakJalan Hospital, 93586 Kuching082-668 111 ext 8684


FPP Hospitals offering obstetrics and gynecology (O&G)

  • Hospital Pulau Pinang
  • Hospital Putrajaya
  • Hospital Ampang
  • Hospital Sungai Buloh
  • Hospital Sultan Aminah JB
  • Hospital Sultan Ismail JB



FPP services may be good to get affordable paid healthcare especially if you are looking for a particular doctor/treatment that is only available (or the best choice) at a government hospital with less of the common issues & grievances faced with govt hospitals. This may include patients referred by private hospitals to the government hospital under FPP.


Q: How do I register for FPP?

Walk in or call the hospital. Please refer for Inquires above.

Q: How early can I register for FPP?

You can register as early as confirmed you will need the FPP services. For pregnancy, this can be as early as 3 months upon pregnancy confirmation.

Q: Can guarantee letter (GL) be used for FPP?

Generally yes.

Q: Does this mean that I need to pay for all govt hospital services? No more RM1 treatment?

No. Subsidized services are still subsidized. Only affected are FPP services.

Official response from MoH

Q: Can I claim government hospitalization benefit from my insurance if admitted under FPP?

Believed to be no. We have yet to receive confirmation from insurers.


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