MyPF 1st Christmas Gathering on 22 December 2016

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MyPF successfully organized our first ever Christmas gathering with three sharing sessions followed by a Q&A session. Scroll down for a summary of what transpired that memorable evening.  

Updated: December 27, 2016


MyPF Save the Date Notice

MyPF Christmas Gathering Invite

Sharing Sessions

Estate and Trust Planning by Jason Koeh

  • Probate and Administration Act 1959
  • What happens if we don’t plan
  • The effect of Distribution Act 1958 (as amended in 1997)
  • Estate planning purpose
  • Trust planning purpose


Shares Fundamentals: How to Choose a Winning Stock by Dr Yeap Boon Tat

  • How to pick a winning stock?
  • Fundamental Analysis: A complete dissection
  • A review of 1H 2016 performance and analysis
  • How to read quarterly results
  • Intrinsic Value and Methodology
  • Technical Analysis: Know how to bottom fish


Achieving Financial Freedom by Stephen Yong

  • Objective: Spur people to take action towards achieving financially abundant lives
  • 7 stages of financial independence
  • It’s all about cash flow!
  • Investing is all about what you buy & when you buy
  • In conclusion 5 things that sum up Personal Finances:
    1. Increase income
    2. Reduce expenses
    3. Invest in quality investments (self, shares, properties)
    4. Avoid major mistakes
    5. Enjoy an abundant life
  • A Call To Action
    1. Write down your goals for the long term (10+ years), medium term (2-5 years) & next 1 year
    2. Financial education e.g., group discussions, financial education, group discussion, work with a Personal Finances Advisor

Event Photos

We wish all MyPFers a blessed Christmas and happy new year!

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