The year 2016 in review for my self growth, personal finances, and Also, a peek ahead into 2017 for investments and what’s up ahead.

Personal Growth

My Personal Mission Statement: I will help people grow

With regard to this, I am reflecting on how I have made a difference in my own life & those around me.

  • Planning: My better half and I achieved another goal we set out this year with she pursuing her Masters studies in the US. We have also done our best to live every day abundantly, and (in a non-morbid way) as if every day were our last. An area to improve on would be building consistency in daily time scheduling and setting priorities.
  • Advising: My client list has grown to over 70 clients this year. Most existing clients were happy as well and have/indicated interest to switching to our new (affordable) fee-based model (launched in 2016 Q4) focusing on putting clients’ needs first. I will be focusing on growing my new fee-based clients to a cap of 100 clients to ensure that I can focus on each individual/couple’s needs.
  • Writing: I wrote over a hundred articles this year, with most of the articles in 2H 2016 when we focused on and relaunched the website. (A big thank you to our editors Vivien & Andrea!)
  • Speaking: I have had more public speaking engagements overall, from speaking on personal finances, sharing Sunday message at church for the 1st time, and even emceeing a few close friends’ weddings.
  • Health: My health has improved further this year. It is indeed a blessing for my other half and I to be able to spend time almost daily exercising and staying healthy. (A RM600 lifetime membership including gym facilities was a good value health investment this year, although I am happy working out from home/outdoors)

Overall, I believe I have had a positive impact on those around me through various circles including family, clients,, church/BSF/missions. There is definitely room for improvement in all these areas and I continue to wake up daily every morning excited and energized!

simplifying Personal Finances in Malaysia was originally launched in June 2014 to share information on Personal Finances. It was only this year in 2016 that we revamped the website with new direction, content, and established social media presence via facebookTwitter, and Google+. (Follow us for latest updates!). 

We also established our MyPF web team with 1 web admin, 2 editors, and 4 writers bringing you better Personal Finances content from different perspectives. We also started growing our financial planners with Sha, Jeff, Kok Hao, and Henry joining the team.

In 2017, MyPF will be looking to further grow in these areas:

  • financial planners (existing): to equip advisors as they grow client base by 25-100 clients each.
  • financial planners (new): for 5 new folks with a passion in Personal Finances to join us.
  • MyPF web team: to generate great content regularly including Premier web content.

Overall, I will be looking to grow together with the entire MyPF team at a comfortable yet rewarding pace. I firmly believe in listening, sharing, and helping others to grow. Yet each person is ultimately responsible for his or her own success in his or her own timing.


Personal Finances and Investing

Reviewing my personal finances highlights and investment performance.

Balance Sheet

Income & Expenses Statement

  • Savings: 10%
  • Insurance: 5%
  • Investment: 95% (including re-investments)
  • Charity/Gifts: 5%
  • Spending: 34%
  • Passive Income: 38% of expenses


  • Emergency Savings: 6 months (maintained)
  • Investments Allocation:
    • Property: 55%
    • Shares: 36%
    • Secure Investments: 8.5%
  • Other Significant Expense Items
    • Travel: US, China, Cambodia
    • Auto: Purchase of pre-loved Japanese make vehicle for cash

Risk Management: 5 years income replacement

Retirement Funds

  • 27% ahead of retirement goal by age
  • Retirement goal: 2.5m (I live and intend to keep a simple lifestyle :))

Investment Performance

Based on annual compounding Internal Rate of Return (IRR) over all years

  • Fixed Deposits: 3.54%
  • Endowments: 3.25%
  • Shares (Malaysia): 22.78%
  • Shares (US): 19.54%
  • Unit Trust: 6.88%
  • Property: 27.81% (Cash on Cash returns)

Overall, I have been continuing in (what I expect to be) a lifelong journey learning together with clients, friends, and mentors in different areas, which I am very grateful for. In Q4 2016, I have started looking into and preparing towards entering shorter term trading in the US markets with a greater emphasis and learning on technical analysis.


2017 Outlook & Planning

2017 Outlook

Note: Outlook is based on my personal sentiments at time of writing. And like all opinions, should be taken with a (big) pinch of salt.

  • Shares (MY): Expect mixed bursa performance next year with certain shares outperforming but generally bearish outlook.
  • Shares (US): Expect overall bullish positive US markets performance for 2017.
  • Properties (MY): Possible opportunities for investment properties at a property market cycle low point.

2017 Planning

  • New Investments
    • Likely majority in US shares targeting 14 to 15%+ IRR
    • Possibility a residential/commercial group property investment opportunity if positive yield 3 to 6%+ and comparable cash-on-cash returns 10 to 15%+
  • Rest of funds to place into home loan capital repayments to reduce mortgage payments as increasingly weighted to be debt free


Malaysian Shares Watchlist

Note: As of December 2016 shares on watchlist for 2017. Not a recommendation to buy/sell any shares.

% Change
Market Cap
% Change from 52 Week Low
% Change from 52 Week High


US Shares Watchlist

Note: As of December 2016 on watchlist for 2017. Not a recommendation to buy/sell any shares.


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Happy New Year 2017 from all of us at MyPF!