Great Eastern SmartMedic Xtra and SmartMedic Xtra 99 with no co-insurance and now with medical unlimited lifetime limit.

Removal of Overall Lifetime Limit for SmartMedic Xtra and SmartMedic Xtra 99
Great news! Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia) is pleased to announce that with immediate effect, the Overall Lifetime Limit will be removed for the medical products listed below retrospectively.

Product Name Plan Code
SmartMedic Xtra (SMX) U119 – U122
SmartMedic Xtra 99 (SMX-99) V119 – V122


Insured Benefits Plan Type












Initial Overall Annual Limit 90,000 120,000 160,000 200,000
Increase to the Initial Overall Annual Limit 9,000 12,000 16,000 20,000
Overall Annual Limit Total of Initial Overall Annual Limit and any cumulative increase to the Initial Overall Annual Limit
Overall Lifetime Limit No limit

Insurance charges, all other features and benefits as well as terms and conditions of the products listed above remain unchanged.


SmartMedic Xtra Details and Benefits

  • SmartMedic Xtra is a unit-deduction medical rider attachable to selected regular premium investment-linked insurance plans (ILP).
  • High overall annual limits starting at up to RM200,000 which increase by 10% for every 3 years without claims.
  • Optional SmartMedic Enhancer rider available to increase overall annual limit 10x (i.e. RM120,000 to RM1.2 million).
  • No overall lifetime limit (effective Jan 3, 2017).
  • This plan handles your medical bill without imposing co-insurance1, enabling you to worry less and focus on getting better.
  • You will receive protection up to the age of 80 years next birthday (with option until age of 99 years next birthday), giving you more confidence to live the best of life even in your golden years.
  • Fly and travel around the world with full confidence. Be it on holiday or business trip, SmartMedic Xtra grants you international emergency medical assistance service anywhere in the world.


What does the removal of the Overall Lifetime Limit mean to policyholders?
With the removal of the Overall Lifetime Limit, the benefits payable in respect of eligible expenses incurred for medically necessary services and/or treatments provided to the lifenassured from the risk effective date and during the lifetime of the life assured will not be subject to any Overall Lifetime Limit. In other words, there is NO LIMIT to the Overall Lifetime Limit. However, the Overall Annual Limit of the medical plan is still applicable.

What is the effective date for the removal of the Overall Lifetime Limit?
The removal of Overall Lifetime Limit is with immediate effect from 03 January 2017 for all products listed in Q2 above and is applicable to all inforce and new policies.

If I have made a claim with my SmartMedic Xtra/SmartMedic Xtra 99 medical plan prior to 03 January 2017, will the removal of Overall Lifetime Limit apply to my plan?
Yes, the removal of Overall Lifetime Limit will still apply to your plan as long as your plan is still inforce. This benefit is applicable to all SmartMedic Xtra and SmartMedic Xtra 99 plans retrospectively.

I am an existing policyholder of SmartMedic Xtra/SmartMedic Xtra 99. Where can I obtain a confirmation on the removal of the Overall Lifetime Limit?
You may refer to the announcement in Great Eastern’s Corporate Website or contact your agent.

How does the increase to Overall Annual Limit work?
By staying healthy, you will be rewarded with a 10% increase to your Overall Annual Limit at the end of every 3 ‘no-claim’ policy years.

What is the difference between Smart Medic Xtra and Smart Medic Xtra 99?
Smart Medic Xtra covers you until age 80 years next birthday. Smart Medic Xtra 99 extends your coverage until age 99 years next birthday. There are no additional charges until pass age 80 years next birthday.

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