A look at the journey we all take towards financial independence. It is simple and definitely doable, but not easy-

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

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We all go through different stages in life. We grow physically, psychologically, and also financially. Let us spur each other to take action towards achieving financially abundant lives.

It is however very possible to stagnate in a stage or even fall behind. Knowing in which stage you are helps you to head towards the next stage.

Stage 0: Financial Dependence

We all start from a state where we are born financially dependent on our parents or caregivers. As we finish our studies and start bringing in income, we will then exit this stage. As responsible people moving into adulthood, we look forward to earning and living as an adult (including its perks). Sometimes though, life throws us a curve-ball in the form of a major illness, retrenchment, or financial difficulty, and suddenly we may find ourselves dependent again for a period of time on the support of others. If you are still getting pocket money from your parents or eating instant noodles almost every day, you are very likely in this stage.