The lure of high returns and easy money has burnt many of their hard earned savings. And yet, many more are lining up after being invited by friends or hoping to make a quick buck and quick exit. What is the allure of these “Money Games”?

Updated: Aug 29, 2017


What are Money Games

  • An illegal pyramid or ponzi investment scheme.
  • High returns of 6% or more EACH month (skim cepat kaya)
  • You make back your money after typically 6 months to a year, and beyond that would be earnings.
  • Paid to recruit people as your downline.


Why NOT to Invest in Money Games

  • Unsustainable and you are gambling that it will not collapse while you are in it.
  • Relationships will sour / be destroyed with friends and family you “recruit” if they lose money in the money games’ collapse.
  • You are not adding any value to the world but simply making money (stealing) from others.
  • It’s illegal: if you promote or conduct a pyramid scheme, you will be fined or jailed up to 5 years.


How to Know if It’s a Money Game

  • It’s blatantly introduced as a money game.
  • Excesses, riches, luxury properties, celebrities, and titles are openly flaunted, appealing to human greed.
  • Returns above 15% per annum (some as high as 20%, 30%, 40% or more).
  • “Guaranteed returns” (which are of course guaranteed by the company until it collapses. oh wait… sh%t!)


Common Money Game Tricks

  • Masquerades as a legitimate investment in forex (FX), commodities, shares, travel packages, real estate, virtual currency, social networks, and businesses.
  • Have some secret technology/robot/advantage that allows them to make awesome returns which they will let you in on for an “investment” as they need more “capital”.
  • Some give “points” which you can convert into spending while some pay you cash directly into your bank account.
  • Investment into “eShares” which are not actually shares. And/or conversion into worthless “shares” when the scheme is no longer sustainable.


Popular Money Games

Source: Google search on ‘money games Malaysia’

  • JJ Poor to Rich / JJPTR
  • MBI International / M Face
  • SV International / SVI