What are some of the craziest best money-saving tips that people use?!

Saving money is an important part of life as we aim to grow our money throughout the years and have enough to spend on passions, like traveling, while also being able to comfortably retire.

Occasionally, some people do take things to extremes. For example, hoarders who do everything and anything to save every little penny, even at the cost of their own comfort and hygiene.

Awesome hoarder dragon (the art is awesome, hoarding is not)


The following list might surprise some of you (unless you already do some of the things on this list). You might think we are kidding but these are real things done by real people.

7 Craziest Things People Do to Save Money

Note: We are not seriously suggesting you try (any) of these…

  1. Peeing in a bottle and emptying it out in the garden or compost to save money on fertilizer.
  2. Digging through trash at cinema/fast-food outlets to find used drink/popcorn containers for free/cheap refills.
  3. DIY two-ply toilet paper into single-ply sheets to save on usage (or worse… using a single sheet).
    For those sharing living space, we suggest implementing a BYOTP (Buy Your Own Toilet Paper) policy.
  4. Using materials found in the trash as your mattress, such as thrown away yoga mats.
  5. Rinsing out and hanging up used paper towels to dry, and then reusing them.
    Hygiene issues!
  6. Skipping showers and/or washing hair once in a long, long while just to save on your water bill and toiletries.
  7. Stealing condiments including ketchup, chilli sauce, salt, and pepper from your local fast food joint.
    You’re the reason KFC no longer has bottled ketchup/Thai/chili sauce.

We encourage saving money and in fact, there is an ongoing