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Photos, content outline and Q&A from Financial Hacks talk!


Introduction – PF Planning

  • What is Personal Finances
  • The struggle of today’s young adults with personal finances
  • A Christian perspective on finances

Emergency Savings

  • What is emergency savings
  • How much emergency savings do you need? (quiz)
  • How do you accumulate and place emergency savings?

Risk Management

  • Why is risk management important (before even investing!)
  • Knowing your risk management guidelines (activity)
  • How to cover your risks (self & family, assets, will writing, estate planning)


  • Money games
  • Properties (why, how to start, faq)
  • Equities (why, how to start, faq – shares/UT/PRS/REITs/index funds/etc)
  • Digital/crypto-currency, collectibles & other investments
  • How to get started (current performance, portfolio planning, diversification, etc)


  • Personal finances require your attention & education
  • Most importantly, find your purpose & set your goals
  • Simplify your personal finances & grow towards financial freedom!

Introduction – Personal Finances Planning• What is Personal Finances• The struggle of today's young adults with…

Posted by My Personal Finances on Jumaat, 4 Ogos 2017


Q: Is MRTA/MLTA equivalent of 5 years mortgage payments sufficient for rental investment properties? There have been scenarios where the bank requires full payment of loan upon demise of borrower.
A: The person inheriting the property can discuss with the bank on option to service the loan or redeem the property. It also matters if it is a single or joint borrower.

Q: Is medical annual limit of RM70k sufficient? New medical insurance provides annual limits of above RM1,000,000.
A: The medical annual limit of RM70k is the minimum recommended coverage. If budget allows, higher medical limits including unlimited lifetime limits would best for most.

Q: How much do I need to start investing in the stock market locally or overseas?
A: A good amount to start with would be 10k in the currency the market is in (e.g. RM10k in Bursa Malaysia). You can place the starting amount in progressively over a period (e.g. 1 year)

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