Axiata Digital Services has launched it’s MIFE Access Gateway including Mobile Mask.



What is MAG?

MIFE Access Gateway


What is MIFE?

Mobile Internet & Fulfillment Exchange


What Services are Offered?

  • Mobile Mask: setup virtual fixed line for person/company
  • Voice: masking single/group of numbers securely
  • SMS: sending SMS from a web application to mobile devices
  • Direct Operator Billing: charge mobile subscribers based on consent


Mobile Mask

Mobile Mask allows you to setup a fixed line whereby calls to your line are redirected to any other mobile number of your choice transparent to everyone else. No technical setup required!

Mobile Mask Uses

  • Your company needs a virtual fixed line number (e.g. for your business card, to appear more professional, customer care line, etc).
  • You want to receive calls while masking your identity (for confidentiality or dating??! purposes),



Mobile Mask Packages

NameDescriptionCost (RM)Validity DaysMinutesCost per Minute (cents)
Plan W1Weekly package9.9076016.5
Plan M1Monthly package29.903018016.6
Plan M2Monthly package39.903027014.8
Plan M3Monthly package49.903039012.8
Reload 60Reload package9.9006016.5
Reload 150Reload package19.90015013.3
Reload 240Reload package29.90024012.5

Payment for packages is via PayPal.



  • Useful virtual fixed line feature with reasonably monthly pricing.
  • Easy registration and setup process.
  • Acceptable call quality and without noticeable delay.


  • Unable to differentiate between those calling your mobile number and those through the fixed line number.
  • No options currently to select your preferred fixed line number.
  • You risk losing your fixed line number if your account lapses after 7 days.


  • A virtual fixed line that is easy to setup and use may be something that you or your company needs. A monthly package offers better value compared to the weekly package. Select a monthly package that falls within your monthly minutes usage.


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Q: Can I update my Masked Number more than once?
A: Yes by going to your account and clicking UPDATE for Masked Number.

Q: Will my fixed line number change?
A: Each account’s fixed line number is reserved and permanently locked as long as the account is active.

Q: Can I have multiple fixed line numbers?
A: Yes. You can have multiple Mobile Mask accounts pointing to the same/different mobile number.

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