How will Bitcoin fare in 2018?

5 Reasons to be Bullish on Bitcoin

  1. Bitcoin is a valid currency and in the top 10 currencies by market capitalisation.
  2. Bitcoin is increasingly accepted and growing in adoption.
  3. Bitcoin is causing disruption to traditional banking, and especially embraced by millennials.
  4. Bitcoin has increasing regulatory oversight with increases confidence for institutional investors.
  5. Bitcoin is increasingly accessible to buy, sell, and trade.


5 Reasons to be Bearish on Bitcoin

  1. Bitcoin is not backed by any tangible assets or governments.
  2. Bitcoin is overly volatile and no one knows which cryptocurrencies will survive and which will become worthless.
  3. Bitcoin is increasingly slow to confirm transactions and not feasible for daily  usage.
  4. Bitcoin is not secure due to exchange hacks, sharks manipulation, and double spending.
  5. Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are facing bearish news and technical indicators.


Shark: Large investors who actively manipulate the price


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How do you think Bitcoin will fare in 2018?