A guide for submitting your Malaysian Income Tax e-filing for your first time registering and submitting e-filing, or as a refresher.

It’s that time of the year again: income tax declaration and submission. For many, it is a time of extra stress and anxiety, especially for the first-time tax payers to submit their Income Tax Return Form (ITRF).

Most taxpayers are not particularly fond of paying taxes but at the same time shudder at the thought of penalties for non-compliance including the dreaded “travel restriction” (prevention to leave the country). Furthermore, the process of tax computation and submission is also perceived as complicated.

In 2010, Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) aka Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRB) introduced a user-friendly ezHASIL e-Filing system where a taxpayer can submit their ITRF via electronically through the internet. As an incentive to use e-Filing, an additional two weeks extension of deadline (approximately 15 days) is given.


First Time e-Filing Process

  1. Register as a taxpayer with LHDN. Registration and status checking can be done online at edaftar.hasil.gov.my
  2. Register for first time e-Filing access by applying for a PIN number from your nearest LHDN branch. You are required to enter the PIN number for your First Time Login.
    (Note: Previously, this could be done online but LHDN now requires you to visit a branch for verification before your PIN is issued)

  3. A Digital Certificate will be issued upon successful registration. Use your Digital Certificate to access e-Filing and chose the relevant Form applicable to you.
    (Note: The Digital Certificate is an electronic identification that is as important as your identity card or MyKad. It is used to verify, identity and enable users to obtain the right to obtain information and to conduct transactions online),
  4. Submit your tax e-filing online. Prepare all relevant information required. Make sure you know the tax rate, reliefs, rebates and deductions available for you for your latest year Tax Assessment. If you are not ready to submit or have incomplete info, you can save a draft.
  5. Upon confirming your details and submitting, you will need to pay additional tax owed or receive excess tax paid refunded.


LHDN Tax Forms

  • Borang B/BT (e-B/e-BT)
    Ada Punca Pendapatan Perniagaan/Pekerja Berpengetahuan atau Berkepakaran
    There is a Cause of Business Income / Knowledge or Skill Worker
  • Borang BE (e-BE)
    Tiada Punca Pendapatan Perniagaan
    No cause of business income
  • Borang P (e-P)
    Borang Nyata Perkongsian
    Real Partnership Form
  • Borang M/MT (e-M/e-MT)
    Borang Nyata bagi Individu Bukan Pemastautin/Pekerja Berpengetahuan
    Real Forms for Non-Resident Individuals / Knowledge Workers
  • Borang E (e-E) 
    Borang Nyata Oleh Majikan
    Real Form By Employer
  • Borang C (e-C)
    Borang Nyata Syarikat
    Company Real Forms

LHDN e-Filing Process Flow


LHDN Contact Info

If you have inquiries or face difficulties during e-Filing, you can contact LHDN for assistance as below:-

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Happy e-Filing!


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