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Maybank2U launched their new website in April 2018 with a clean and simple interface. Did you also know you can enjoy better returns on your savings accounts? Learn about the Maybank2u Savers/Savers-i Account with decent “high yield” savings account returns. Simplified info on benefits and how to apply for a M2U Savers/-i account online.



New Maybank2u Website Features & FAQ

New Website Features

  • Simpler and more personalised with a cleaner easier to navigate layout.
  • Website passwords can be saved on the new M2U site (the previous site disabled password saving for most browsers).
  • All accounts, billers, payments, favorites, etc from previously are saved and remain unchanged.

How to access

  • Login by clicking on the website pop-up or on the new Maybank2u login.
  • You can still use the previous Maybank2u website.


M2U Savers/M2U Savers-i Benefits

Account TypeSavings BandsNominal Rates (% p.a.)
Maybank2U Savers< RM2,0000.0%
Maybank2U SaversRM2,000 - 50,0002.0%
Maybank2U SaversAbove RM50,0002.2%
Maybank2U Savers-i< RM2,0000.4%
Maybank2U Savers-iRM2,000 - 50,0002.1%
Maybank2U Savers-iAbove RM50,0002.3%


  • Online application (only!) via M2U without needing to visit a branch.
  • High-tiered interest rates with interest on daily basis and credited monthly basis.
  • PIDM protected


  • Free application.
  • No savings passbook.
  • Must be tied to existing ATM/debit card with first 4 withdrawals free (5th withdrawal onwards charged RM0.50 if account balance < RM5,000)
  • Online accessible only from 6am – 11:50pm daily.
  • Over the counter charges below RM5,000 will be charged RM5 per transaction.

Application Requirements

  • Age 18 and above.
  • Resident or non-resident.
  • Only able to apply for one account (but you can have sub-accounts).
  • Join and in-trust account not allowed.
  • Min deposit and min account balance: RM250.
  • Penalty of RM20 if account closed within 3 months from account activation.
  • Tied to Virtual Banking Branch with the Branch Code 11140.

Difference between M2U Savers VS M2U Savers-i

  • M2U Savers-i is the Islamic savings account version.
  • M2U Savers-i gives higher nominal returns.

How to Apply M2U Savers/M2U Savers-i

  1. Login to Maybank 2U.
  2. Click on Apply.
  3. Apply now for M2U Savers/Savers-i.


New Maybank2u


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Q: Which is better: M2U Savers or M2U Savers-i?
A: M2U Savers-i gives better returns without any visible drawbacks.

Q: I am concerned about the charges for over the counter transactions/frequent ATM withdrawals?
A: You can easily move your funds online via Maybank2U website/app from the M2U Savers account to your savings/current account and withdraw from there to avoid the charges.

Q: How have M2U Savers/-i benefits changed over time?
A: The benefits for both M2U Savers/-i used to be slightly better. As of January 2018, the M2U Savers has 0% nominal rates if your balance is below RM2,000. M2U Savers-i also previously had a small amount of death benefit for account holders.

Q: How is the monthly account balance calculated?
A: Based on the average account balance in the month.

Q: How does M2U Savers compare with other high-yield savings accounts like OCBC 360?
A: OCBC 360 does give better returns but has more requirements to fulfill.

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  1. faisal August 18, 2018 at 8:13 pm - Reply

    what is the different between M2U SAVERS and M2U SAVERS-I?

    M2U Savers-i is an Islamic savings account & gives slightly higher returns.

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