Are you broke and desperate for cash? Have you run out of ideas to get more cash? Perhaps, there is one unconventional way you have not thought of.

Have you considered selling your body?

No we are not talking about the world’s oldest profession! What I mean is selling your body parts for cash. You may not realize it but your body is worth more than you think.

Most of the time, body parts are given as a donation. But it is common practice to receive cash as compensation in exchange for the parts.

There has long existed an active “marketplace” for the sale and purchase of body parts and fluids.

Many countries ban the exchange of money for our body parts especially non-regenerative internal organs such as kidney and eyeballs. But, certain countries accept commercialization of regenerative/renewable body parts such as hair, sperm, and eggs. The loss of these parts are not permanent and would not create any major health problem for you. If someone wants it and willing to fork out the money, let them have it!

The prices and how much you can make may surprise you.

In this article, we will explore these saleable body parts. In Malaysia, some of these are not available.

Disclaimer: For educational purposes only. We do not necessarily condone any of the following.

Let’s explore.

1. Hair

There are market places for human hair such that allow you to monetize your crowning glory, including in Malaysia.

High demands for hair from wig makers, artisan, beauty parlors, and ordinary individuals. The most sought after are the so-called “virgin” hair; meaning hair untreated with chemicals, such as dye. Also, hair length exceeding 10 inches will fetch a higher price.

Color can be important, too. Grey hair is not in demand. Natural blonds and brunettes are well received, while redheads get the highest payout.

The payout: Depending on the quality and market demands, you can earn anything from RM400-12,000 ($100 – $3,000).

2. Plasma

One way to help people and earn money is by selling your plasma, the biggest part of human blood. It treats medical conditions such as blood clotting diseases, autoimmune disorders, and burns.

To extract plasma from the blood is easy and only takes one hour via a machine. Once completed, the filtered blood will return to the donor.

The basic qualification as a donor includes being healthy, above 18 years old and above 45 kg in weight. Meeting these requirements permits you to donate once a month.

The buyer: Blood banks
The payout: $20 – $50 (RM80-200) per donation

3. Blood

It’s unlawful to offer cash to a person to donate blood. The reason being donors may lie in their personal details to get the free money.

But, donors can enjoy medical incentives. These incentives include free outpatient treatments, hospitalisation benefits, and free Hepatitis B vaccination. It entitled regular donors to better benefits. These benefits, when converted to cash, can be considerable.

Some organisations offer special perks during their blood donation drive to encourage the public to take part in the blood donation.

The payout: Medical incentives

4. Sperm

You can earn cash by giving away your sperm to fertility clinics.

For the westerner, donating sperms is normal. The people are more open-minded with sperm donation. They aren’t hesitant to approach this service of kindness. In Malaysia, though this service is available, it keeps publicity low. For an Islamic country, selling body parts is a taboo topic and kept under the radar. But it is legal here with no specific written law on it.

The hospital needs to conduct thorough checks on the donor health and his lifestyle. If passed, it will freeze the donor sperms before payment made.

Do seriously consider the ethical, emotional, and sociological impact of giving away reproductive cells before making your decision.

The buyer: Fertility Clinic
The payout: Around RM100 for each successive release and freezing. Require for 10 successful freezing (every other 3 days). Another RM1,500 at the end of the 10th session.

5. Eggs

Eggs donation is more intricate than sperms donation. It comprised a string of invasive actions such as doses of hormone injections and sedation. This may last for a month. The donor may also suffer unhealthy side effects and a longer healing period.

Fertility clinics can pay a donor up to RM8,000 for her eggs which is almost double what men receive for sperms. It is necessary for a donor to be in good health, age between 21 and 35 years old, bright, good-looking, and in good shape.  Because of its stringent requirements, only a handful will meet the criteria.

Do seriously consider the ethical, emotional, and sociological impact of giving away reproductive cells before making your decision. 

The buyer: Fertility Clinics
The payout: Up to RM8,000 per donation cycle

6. Breast Milk

BREAST milk is a gift of God and the best food for babies. A mother’s ability to breastfeed is a miracle. 

For a few blessed mothers, producing breast milk is akin to the free flow of a water tap. The milk production is more than enough to take care of her baby needs. What to do with the excess?

She can either throw it away, donate to other moms who produce too little or to hospitals, or sell it online to earn cash.

If you are short on cash, you can sell it online at a site such as via posting free classified ads. It also explains the whole process of selling and buying in an easy to understand FAQ.

The payout: $1.50 to $3 (RM6-12) per ounce

In Malaysia, a local chapter of Human Milk 4 Human Babies existed since 2010. This is a non-commerce hub connecting mothers with an excess of breast milk with babies in need. Though they do not support the sale of human milk and/or advertisement of for-profit activities, the actual exchanges of milk are between the moms.

7. Participate in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are scientific studies conducted by hospitals, pharmaceutical and research companies to find superior ways to hinder, screen for, diagnose, or treat illnesses or diseases. To test the effectiveness of the new or better ways, it needs human volunteers.

As a human lab rat, you can earn thousands of dollars. In addition, if you have a medical problem, find a clinical trial concerning that problem. Besides cash, you will also receive the latest and most advanced medical help for free.

The downside? Sometimes experiments fail and can come with unexpected risks or side effects.

Hospitals and researchers seldom advertise clinical trials. Clinical trials also differ as to its complexities and duration. A volunteer may stay for 3 days for one and 30 days for the other. So finding out a pay range is tricky.

Acceptance into and getting through a clinical trial is difficult. Thus,  before you register to take part, consider the potential risks.

You can find various paid clinical trials in Malaysia and globally with database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world.

8. Your Womb: Surrogacy

MANY financially impoverished single moms have become surrogate mothers for childless couples. But, for a price.

Surrogacy is where you are artificially impregnated through in vitro fertilization. After the process is completed you give birth nine months later to a child that developed in your womb but is ultimately not genetically related to you.

It is an emotionally intense and legally complex arrangement. It is a laborious process and can be controversial. But, the payout is good. A surrogate can earn up to RM100,000.

In Malaysia, there are, yet, no civil laws addressing the use of surrogates to have a baby. Malaysian courts have not heard a dispute on surrogacy agreements or contracts. But, religious authorities have issued a fatwa (an Islamic religious ruling) in 2008 making surrogacy haram for Muslims.

Not all fertility clinics and professionals support surrogacy. So it may take longer to identify the ideal clinic for you.


Few people realize the potential ‘treasure trove’ that is their body. However, selling body parts is and should generally be regarded as the last choice for people desperate for cash. Before you take up any of the above suggestions, please conduct thorough research particularly on the risks involved.


If you know of any other body parts that can be legally sold, especially in Malaysia, do share the information with us.