My Personal Finances 2018 in Review

A recap of the year past both myself personally and the company. I hope that this annual sharing will encourage individuals/couples and entrepreneurs to continue to grow!




The year 2018 has been a focus on investment asset reallocation among asset classes, and diving a bit deeper including tracking more financial ratios, and into estate planning. Goals set were met although liabilities rose as well.

Balance Sheet

  • Assets growth +29% and net worth growth +7% primarily driven by new investment property acquisition and existing investment growth.
  • Net worth at above average accumulation of wealth (AAW). To continue focusing on growing net worth by increasing investment assets and reducing liabilities.


  • Cashflow positive with emergency savings of 1 year, savings ratio of 38% income, and debt service ratio of 19%. Key areas to improve on would be on asset liquidity ratio from current 25% to 50%, and to reduce debt to asset ratio which is currently at 60% primarily due to property loans.
  • Passive income able to cover 40% of expenses (slightly down from previous year due to increase in overall expenses).


  • 2018 budget matched close to targets including increasing emergency savings, fixed income investments, property investments, equities, and travel.
  • 2019 budget expected to be similar and increasing allocation to reduce liabilities.

Estate Planning

  • Estate planning is a new area to focus on including updating will writing, and education planning in preparation for family planning.

Risk Management

  • Personal risk management is on track with a slight surplus for life, disability, and critical illnesses coverage. Medical coverage adequate with a medical plan coverage extension to cover until age 99.
  • Adjustments required for education planning to fund for children’s education costs in case anything unexpected happens.

Investment Planning

  • Additional cash funds continue to be allocated to high yield savings accounts. Overall equity performance has dipped in line with the poor overall equity market performance this year but remains at an overall 22% internal rate of return. PRS placement was made primarily for the tax relief. New investments were in another investment property in Klang Valley, and in P2P social lending.

Retirement Planning

  • Retirement planning on track with a +9% growth for 2018 with a retirement goal of RM4.9m based on capital liquidation until age 90.  Stretch goal of RM26m required for retirement capital preservation model.

Action Plan

  • The focus in 2019 will be to continue with investment allocation across asset classes, reducing debt liabilities, and making adjustments for future estate planning needs.




Key Stats

  • Website had half a million unique visitors in 2018 and a total of 260 articles published.
  • Social media grew to 2,500 followers on Facebook, and launched Fb group, Instagram, and YouTube channels.
  • Winning various awards including top 5 personal finance site in Malaysia and an influencer in finance category.


  • Team size grew to 25 including new sales and investment analyst teams.
  • A new MyPF office space in Kuala Lumpur was opened this year with an open office layout.
  • New strategic partnerships and collaborations including with Wealth Vantage Advisory offering financial planning services, StashAway offering digital wealth management, and content distribution with FreeMalaysiaToday.

The Year Ahead

  • Advisor growth looking for 12 new advisors for 2019 effectively doubling our advisors.
  • Business partnerships and social platforms growth focusing on increasing value of existing partnerships.
  • Events to be held regularly targeting one for each quarter, and continuing to improve on both content and delivery.
  • MyPF app development to bring about a simple effective way to manage and grow your personal finances.


On behalf of MyPF, I would like to wish each and every reader a Happy New Year 2018!

Stev Yong
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Stev Yong

Founder & CEO at MyPF
Stev believes in simplicity, growth and value for his passions - people, personal finances, and processes (businesses). After 7 years of employment, he left his role as a senior division manager to start MyPF. He practices what he shares, recommends what he uses, and is an active passive investor (no typo there) for close to two decades now.

Stev's mission is to help people grow, especially financially. All this so we can have the freedom of choice - to focus on who and what truly matters in your life.

Stev enjoys spending quality time with his better half, serving, reading, writing, and drinking (usually just) two cuppas kopi daily.
Stev Yong
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  1. Hong823 January 1, 2019 at 10:09 am - Reply

    It’s a great article and indeed interesting to see how net worth increased over time in different asset allocation. Would you mind to share how you usually keep track of all these asset and liquidity? For example, excel template and any specific application that’s you used.

    Hi Hong, Glad you enjoyed the article. For a personal finances review, we use our own MyPF tools and templates which are available for our members as well. We do use other tools as well for investing, charting, etc – really depends on individual needs!

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