Your estate planning is part of your financial well-being. What life scenarios can affect your estate planning in Malaysia? Don’t risk leaving it until it’s too late!

When should you go through your estate planning needs? Here are five life scenarios that warrant a look at your estate planning.

1. Estate Planning Virgin

If you are an adult and have never done your estate planning, it is time to do so urgently starting with will writing. Estate planning helps make sure your assets are distributed according to your wishes and provide final instructions from you. If you die intestate (without a will), your loved ones will need to go through a lengthy, difficult, and expensive probate process.

2. Getting Married

Update your will and trust planning to include your spouse. You will want to look at what assets are held individually or jointly. A prenuptial agreement is not legally binding thus not an option in Malaysia. A marriage or remarriage (even to the same person!) will invalidate your will if it was written prior.

Having a new baby, adopting a child or a new stepchild will also require a review of your estate planning to make sure you appoint a guardian for your minor children. You may also want to consider setting up a living trust to specify at what age the child receives assets compared to a will which releases assets when they reach legal age.

3. Divorce or Death

The end of a marriage by divorce or death will likely require a review of estate planning needs. Among the changes will be trustees, beneficiaries, and power of attorney. A divorce does not revoke your existing will. You will need to declare to revoke your existing will. Take the necessary steps to make adjustments to changes in your life relationship status.

4. Conversion to Islam

A conversion to become a Muslim will invalidate your existing will. This includes conversion from marrying a Muslim spouse in Malaysia. As a Muslim, your estate planning needs will be governed by Syariah law and distributed according to Faraid (Islamic inheritance law). A wasiat is similar to a will but has features exclusive for Muslims.

5. Asset Changes

Changes in assets are a time to review your estate planning arrangements. These may include life scenarios such as purchasing/disposing property, opening up new savings/current/investment accounts or starting/ending a business. Maybe you just received an inheritance of a few hundred thousand ringgit. Keep your asset list current and correct.

Your estate planning needs are an area you should review regularly. Work with your financial planner or estate planner to make sure your estate planning is up to date.

Share and discuss any other reasons you need an estate planning review.