MyPF Launching 2 New Online Shows

MyPF is launching not one but two new financial shows on our digital channel! Watch Cat interview guests on the My Personal Finances PodCat. And get your financials diagnosed by Nik on The Financial Doctor Show. Subscribe to our YouTube channel today!


My Personal Finances PodCat

Format: Podcast

Host: Catherine (Cat)

Description: A weekly financial podcast helping you simplify and grow your personal finances.

Language: English

Show List:

  • Episode 0: Welcome to My Personal Finances PodCat
  • Episode 1: Transforming the Financial Landscape
  • Episode 2: The Financial Doctor in the House!
  • Coming soon…


The Financial Doctor Show

Format: Vlog

Vlogger: Nik (aka Financial Doctor)

Description: Financial education on what is financial planning and how it is relevant in our lives.

Languages: Bahasa Melayu, English

Show List:

  • Episode 1: What are Your Life and Financial Priorities
  • Episode 2: 4 Factors to Grow Your Net Worth
  • Episode 3: Education on Education planning
  • Akan datang…


Note: Release schedule and episode titles subject to changes


Leave us your suggestions, topics you would like the shows to cover, and don’t forget to subscribe to know when the 1st episode is released!

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