Did you know that under Malaysia’s central bank (BNM) guidelines, merchants are not allowed to impose card surcharges? AirAsia is taking a positive step to scrap their processing fee to make air fares even more affordable.

Credit Card (and Debit Card) Guidelines

  • BNM: Not permitted to impose surcharges for card payments under Payment Card Reform Framework.
  • A number of organisations including some local councils are currently still charging a surcharge as well for online credit card payments.
  • Applicable for credit card and debit cards (I.e. Visa, MasterCard, and AmEx).
  • Overseas: surcharges illegal in EU and UK, legal in Australia, and some states in USA.
  • Merchants also not allowed to set minimum limit to accept credit card payments under card scheme rules.
  • Lodge complaints to BNM via BNM MyLink by providing merchant name, address, and credit card processing bank (look for bank label/sticker on machine).

AirAsia Scraps Credit Card/Online Banking Surcharge

  • AirAsia credit card and online banking processing fee will be removed from October 2019.
  • Current charges from RM4 to RM16 per flight segment (i.e. return flight: 2x) per passenger for paying via credit card unless you use their BigPay MasterCard, BigClick, or ezpay.
  • Zero processing fees on selected payment modes is a goal for AirAsia.

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