Malaysia’s Securities Commission (SC) has approved Malaysia’s 1st Islamic Robo Advisory Wahed Invest.

About Wahed Invest

  • Malaysia’s 3rd, and 1st Islamic SC approved digital wealth manager.
  • US-based Halal-focused investment firm aimed toward Muslim investors with a Shariah-compliant platform headquartered in New York.
  • Founded in May 1, 2015 by Junaid Wahedna starting operations in US, UK, and planning to expand in middle east, Asia and internationally.
  • Malaysian listed address in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur under Wahed Technologies Sdn Bhd.


Wahed Invest in Malaysia

  • Positioned as ethical Halal investing with full-time ethical review board and purification methodology requiring investment income from unlawful activities to be given away to charity.
  • Fractional investing with min RM100 investment and no lock-in fees.
  • Portfolio invested in a group of securities primarily across stocks and sukuks (Islamic bonds).
  • 6 risk profiles
    • Very Aggressive: 85.0% equity, 12.5% fixed income, 2.5% cash
    • Aggressive: 62.5% equity, 25.0% fixed income, 10.0% commodities, 2.5% cash
    • Moderately Aggressive: 52.5% equity, 35.0% fixed income, 10.0% commodities, 2.5% cash
    • Moderate: 35.0% equity, 55.0% fixed income, 7.5% commodities, 2.5% cash
    • Moderately Conservative: 17.5% equity, 75.0% fixed income, 5.0% commodities, 2.5% cash
    • Very Conservative: 90.0% fixed income, 10.0% cash
Portfolio TypesMalaysia StocksUS StocksSukukGoldCashPast Performance
Very Aggressive20.0%65.0%12.5%0.0%2.5%11.35%
Moderately Aggressive15.0%37.5%35.0%10.0%2.5%8.89%
Moderately Conservative5.0%12.5%7.5%5.0%2.5%6.84%
Very Conservative0.0%0.0%90.0%0.0%10%5.23%
  • 2 tier fees structure
    • 0.79% p.a. fees for RM100 – RM499k
    • 0.39% p.a. fees for RM500k and above
      Note: Investment funds used has own fees not included above
  • Launched Wahed FTSE USA Shariah ETF with passive index exposure to US Shariah-compliant stocks on NASDAQ under ticker HLAL which is the underlying US ETF.


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