Tracking your financial activities digitally make management of personal finances easier.

Keeping track of your personal finances is easier said than done. With our hectic schedules and fast-paced life, it’s hard to be diligent about keeping track of our finances. This is in particular more likely to be true if we choose to use traditional paper and pen methods, which although not at all wrong, can be more time-consuming than newer options available to us these days. 

Want to track your expenses better? As the commonly thrown about phrase goes “There’s an app for that!”, although the reality is actually much brighter because… there is certainly more than just one expense tracking app for that.

We’ve scoured the internet and app store reviews to compile the following list of our preferred 5 expense tracking apps, at least one of which is sure to make your financial life a whole lot easier. Thanks, technology!

#1. Spendee

  • Price: Free 7-day trial and free for the basic plan; paid plans for multiple wallets (users) start at RM6.90/month or RM52.90/year.
  • Availability: App Store , Google Play 
  • Each user is given the options to track cash flows (both income and expenses) in the currency of their choice, set and maintain budgets, and take a peek at where the money goes on easy-to-understand charts. All of this data can then be synced and backed up across devices for household-wide accountability and transparency.
  • The apps come with paid plans that support multiple users. You can also pick different currencies.
  • It comes with a modern and colorful yet uncluttered design.

Image from Spendee Official Website