Finance is the single, most powerful driver that makes the most significant difference in our lives. Financial education is still lacking in our schools and homes although there is hope with the launch of our nation’s new National Financial Literacy Strategy. The onus is still on each one of us to invest in ourselves – to learn, plan and take action for our financial well-being while avoiding the pitfalls of greed and deceit. The true worth of financial freedom is a life focused not on money but on true freedom in time, wealth, and meaningful relationships. MyPF is a leading award-winning financial education platform dedicated to help you simplify and grow your personal finances.

Hello and a Warm Welcome from the Friendly Folks at MyPF! is a leading financial education platform to help you simplify and grow your personal finances. MyPF uses technology as an enabler to connect Malaysians with licensed financial planners, FREE financial tools, and trusted financial solutions.

MyPF stands for My Personal Finances where “My” can refer to each individual, and our beloved nation Malaysia. “Personal Finances” refers to the financial management for an individual, couple, or family. MyPF was founded in 2017 while the origins of the site can be traced to a simple personal finance blog started in April 2013.

While many topics are from a Malaysian perspective, most topics are applicable wherever you may be in the world. We truly hope you will benefit from our content, and be inspired to simplify and grow your personal finances towards financial freedom.

Our Purpose: simplifying Personal Finances

Our Mission: Helping people grow

Our Values: simplicity, ethics, passion

  • simplicity: understandable, real, relatable, relevant, and authentic.
  • Ethics: putting clients’ needs first, doing things right with integrity, and honesty.
  • Passion: passionate about personal finances, filled with excitement, joy, and purpose.

Come join us on a journey towards achieving and enjoying financial freedom.


MyPF Transforming the Financial Landscape

MyPF incorporates technology and innovation in finance to transform the industry and help make personal finances accessible to all Malaysians. We provide free online personal finance tools, a Premier membership for in-depth financial insights including your own dedicated qualified financial planner. We also offer relevant financial products and services on Personal Finances, Risk Management, Investment Planning, and other financial services that we ourselves use and trust by comparing and selecting the best solutions for each individual’s needs.

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Top Malaysian Personal Finance Website

MyPF is a leading financial education site in Malaysia with our content being featured in TheStar, FMT, MSN and other publications. MyPF focuses on the following key topics:-

  • Personal Finances: How to get started with the basics to more advanced areas of personal finances.
  • Risk Management: What is risk management and making good informed decisions to mitigate risk.
  • Investment Planning: Sexy talk on investments, shares, properties, passive income and markets.
  • Lifestyle: Spending wisely on lifestyle choices like travel, credit card spending, eating out, etc.


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MyPF provides financial education and information. MyPF provides free personal finance tools. and connects users with licensed financial planners and product/solutions partners. MyPF is proudly Malaysian owned by MyPF Services PLT (Reg. No: LLP0010314-LGN). Information provided is for educational and informational purposes only and is not to be taken as personalized investment or financial advice. Consult a licensed financial professional before making any financial and investment decisions. (Read disclaimer and terms of usage).