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Penang Community Youth Camp @Penang

Casual community coffee catchups (C4)

KGH Youth Financial Workshop

Financial App Development Workshop

Japanese-Themed Workshop @Wakaba Japanese Restaurant, Penang

Penang Community Youth Camp @ Penang Island

MyPF 11 Shares Fundamentals Analysis and Intrinsic Value Workshop @ Penang Island

MyPF 11 Shares Fundamentals Workshop @ PJ, Selangor

MyPF Digital Web team first video shoot

MyPF 11 Shares Fundamentals Analysis Small Group Workshop @ PJ, Selangor

Financial Hack$ @ IMPACT Georgetown Baptist Church, Penang

MyPF Christmas Gathering @ Macallum Connoisseurs, Penang

Financial Basics Talk, Youth Camp @ Suong, Cambodia

Personal Finances Workshop, Youth Aflame @ Island Glades Gospel Centre, Penang

Workshop and Events

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