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Warmest greetings from the friendly folks at MyPF! We come from a variety of backgrounds offering unique perspectives yet are united in simple passion for Personal Finances.

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Stev Yong (MyPF Founder & Advisor)


Stev believes in simplicity, growth and value for his passions – people, personal finances, and processes (businesses). After 7 years of employment, he left a comfortable salaried corporate job to start MyPF. He practices what he shares, recommends what he uses, and is an active passive investor (no typo there) for close to 2 decades now.

Stev’s mission is to help people grow, especially financially. All this so we can have the freedom of choice – to focus on who and what truly matters in your life.

Stev’s background is a Bachelor’s of Science and a MBA. He brings with him real-world business experience from his previous roles as a senior division manager and trainer-facilitator.

Stev enjoys spending quality time with his better half, serving, reading, writing, and drinking two cuppas kopi a day.

Connect with Stev at [stev.yong at], LinkedIn or Twitter.

Vivien Lim (MyPF MaC)

Viv with her experience handles MyPF’s Media and Communication.

She has a double major in Psychology & Communications (Hons). She is now completing her post-graduate degree and obtaining her counselling license in KL after a year in New York.

Viv draws financial inspiration from her hubby and her late akong (grandfather).

Viv’s passion and fulfillment is in touching someone’s life and guiding others in discovering their search for meaning and being the best they can be!

Connect with Vivien [vivien.lim at]

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Vincent Tan (MyPF Sales Manager and Advisor)

Vincent is passionate about people and personal finances. He works especially well with young adults and those seeking direction in their lives.

Vincent’s background is in the finance industry where he holds a Master’s degree. After spending years in Australia, Vincent is now home in Malaysia to make a difference in lives serving others.

Connect with Vincent [vincent.tan at]

Pang Lih Sha (MyPF Advisor)

Lih Sha believes that growing and learning is more important than chasing over money and possessions. She is passionate in personal finances and sharing knowledge and experiences with others.

Background-wise, she holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Systems Engineering and is an accomplished analyst for more than 10 years.

Lih Sha enjoys being involved in charity work, reading, meditating, and especially spending time with family members who are near and far.

Connect with Lih Sha [lihsha.pang at]

Jasmine Hew (MyPF Advisor)

Knowledge is power! Jasmine truly believes in learning, continuous growth, and associating with the right companions as your pathway to success.

She holds a Bachelor in Information System Engineering. After more than 10 years of employment, she made a bold move to jump out of her comfort zone. She desires to benefit others with knowledge on personal finances and sharing her experience with others.

Jasmine enjoys helping the needy, staying fit and healthy, and doing the right thing in life!

Connect with Jasmine [jasmine.hew at]

Eric Kiang (MyPF Advisor and Writer)

“Financial Literacy is the gateway to Financial Freedom”

Eric is a qualified chartered accountant since 1992 and a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA). He received his Diploma in Financial Accounting from TAR College and subsequently professional accountancy from ACCA.

He has 25 years working experience in different finance-related jobs. He is now a MyPF Advisor, and personal finance and business writer. His main goal is to help and educate non-finance professionals to understand and solve their personal finances problems. He believed everyone should be financially literate because everything we do has money implications!

Eric currently resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with his wife and two young children.

Connect with Eric [eric.kiang at]

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Ryan Seah (MyPF Advisor)

Ryan believes there is much more to life than just living. Everyone have a mission in life.
And to achieve a balance life, one’s have many goals to achieve includes body, mental, finance, career, and relationships.

Ryan started his own risk management advisory at the age 24, growing along the way in the risk management industry. Ryan believes and practise investment as a financial planner, one should cover all three aspect of financial planning – Wealth protection, wealth accumulation and wealth Distribution.

Ryan is a triathlete, enjoys travelling and believes that the best way to blend into the culture of different nation is by joining sports events and trying out different cuisine in different countries.

Connect with Ryan [ryan.seah at]


David Yong (MyPF Web Admin)

david-yongDavid graduated with a degree in economics from The London School of Economics and Political Science. He is now back in KL and actively simplifying and growing his own Personal Finances.

He is our go to guy for all MyPF website administration related.

David also enjoys in no particular order: coding, food & hacking.

On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur.


Andrea Liew (MyPF Editor)

Andrea is our MyPF Newsletter & articles Editor. Also a wizard (sorceress?) in writing and readable design.

She holds an honors degree in Information Technology and has been masquerading as a technical writer in the electronics industry for over 12 years.

As a Jane of all some trades, Andrea dabbles in multiple interests. In her natural habitat, she is often found surrounded by books or planning her next adventure.

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Leon Lai (MyPF Social Media Manager)

Leon is a highly motivated individual who has swam upstream gaining valuable regional knowledge in IT, digital marketing, and social media.

He is thankful for his mentor who has instilled in him financial knowledge including stock and property investing.

Leon’s favorite quote from his mentor is: “To be clever enough to get all the money, one must be stupid enough to want it.”

Zack Lee (MyPF Writer)

zack-lee-kkZack is an SMT veteran who wants to share the methods behind the madness he employs in cost savings.

His day job often takes him half the world away, where he experiments with ways to save money. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and has collected several quality accolades, including a DSS Green Belt.

In his spare time, he follows the ESports competitive scene and loves to build custom PC rigs.

Read articles by Zack.

Henry Ting (MyPF Writer)


Henry is a MyPF writer with a legal background and a passion in personal finance, poetry &… paintball!

Henry is a one-time litigation lawyer turned in-house legal counsel. Previously he was trained and instructed to stab opponents in a roundabout manner.

Today, he now shoots them in the face as he believes this is the proper way of doing things.

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Thenesh Gunasilan (MyPF Writer)

thenesh-gThenesh “T” is an engineer and an avid property investor.

He holds a masters degree in engineering & is quite the hands on kinda guy.

T hopes to help share on how to save money, make money & have fun while doing it!

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Peter Pang (MyPF Writer)
peter-pangPeter is passionate in learning, investing and wealth creation.

He excels in technical analysis with his engineering background.

Peter is bilingual in English & Chinese and shares his views on both economical and technical topics.

Read articles by Peter.

Joshua Kok (MyPF Digital)

Joshua is our video and digital director for the MyPF Digital team.

He brings with him passion and creativity in the digital space.

Joshua hopes to develop digital content and continue to grow in both finances and filming.

Jo Yee (MyPF Digital)

Jo Yee is the content and styling guru of the newly formed MyPF Digital team.

Her background is in broadcasting with a passion in media and fashion.

Jo Yee is also passionate in social causes and making a difference.


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