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Get exclusive benefits and insights with a MyPF membership today to simplify and grow your personal finances with confidence!

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MyPF Premier

With MyPF Premier, you get your very own dedicated MyPF advisor for coaching and consultation to simplify and grow your personal finances with confidence.

  • MyPF Advisor Consultation
    Regular consultation with your advisor to help you achieve your personal finances goals.
  • Personal Finances Review
    Your comprehensive and personalized continuous process towards achieving financial independence.
  • Investment Review
    Investment reviews to know and improve your investment performance, asset allocation, and diversification.
  • Premier Market Insights
    Bursa Malaysia, REITs, NYSE, Nasdaq, sample portfolios, private equity, and property analysis and insights.
  • Premier Resources
    Templates, worksheets, books, reports, and other exclusive downloadable content.
  • Premier Reports
    Exclusive reports giving you an edge with your personal finances and wealth creation.
  • MyPF Priority Events Invitation
    Exclusive invites and priority access to MyPF Premier events, workshops, and talks.
  • Lower Unit Trust Investment Fees*
    As low as 0% sales charge for unit trust investing.
  • Lower Estate Planning Fees*
    Up to 5% off estate planning and will writing charges.
  • Financial Planning Extended to Family Members*
    All-in family full financial planning for self, spouse, and school-going children.
  • All MyPF Membership Benefits.
* Extra benefits applicable for Premier+ members provided through our products/services partners


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Following registration, get access to Members articles, guides, services, newsletter, and more.

  • Members Articles
    In-depth articles and guides, on personal finances, investing, and analysis.
  • Members Services
    Value added services including free property listing, basic wealth management, and investing.
  • MyPF Members Newsletter
    Personal Finances advice and insights sent to your inbox and access to newsletter archives.
  • Discussion Groups Access
    Share and learn on personal finances, investing, and money matters with advisors and members.
  • MyPF Events Invitation
    Invitation to MyPF events on personal finances, investment, and other financial topics.
  • Ad Free Website
    Advertisement free content for a faster and better website experience.

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