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A Recap of Key MyPF Premier Benefits

1. financial plannery
You get a dedicated Personal Finances Advisor (and the team!) to help with your personal finances planning, answer queries on anything personal finances-related, and advise you on making the best financial decision.

2. Personal Finances Review
You get a complete Personal Finances Review including a health check of your current financial status, goal setting towards financial independence, and what you need to do to get there.

3. Investment Planning Advisory
You get access to in depth investment planning and asset allocation including detailed insights on shares and property investments, and a community of like-minded investors.

4. Market Insights
Get Market Insights on KLSE, NYSE, Nasdaq, REITs, and sample Malaysia and US Market portfolios.

5. Premier Market Reports
Premier only reports giving you an edge with your personal finances and investing.

6. Premier Website Access
Full access to all members articles, resources, downloads, services, and future content!

Queries on MyPF Premier

Here are some common queries you may have:-

Q: I do not have a debit/credit card.
A: You can make a giro/interbank transfer.

Q: I am not sure whether you are able to help me achieve my financial goals
A: Your free trial period will help us to go through including assessment, goal setting, and drawing up a plan to ensure that it meets