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Your Holistic Financial Plan

A comprehensive financial plan incorporates 6 key areas of personal finance:

  • Investment Management
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Goals Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Debt Management
  • Tax Planning

Cash Management

Cash management is important to:

  • Determine your cash reserve requirements
  • Increases the potential amount that can be invested
  • Know your ideal investable amount
  • Set aside cash reserves before investing

Risk Management

Risk management is necessary to:

  • Minimize financial shocks and stress
  • Find out just the right amount of coverage to match your life priorities
  • Minimize overlaps and cut unnecessary costs
  • Safeguard financial continuity for you and your family if a risk occurs

Investment Planning

Investment planning helps you achieve better returns while minimizing your risks:

  • A diversified portfolio gives you better returns as asset classes perform differently over time
  • Proactive investing comparing different investment assets for the best performers
  • Minimizing investment costs to maximize potential returns

Active Performance Management

Active performance management is actively tracked and implemented including:

  • Rebalancing investment asset allocations to target allocations
  • Restructuring underperforming to best of breed investment asset categories
  • Profit taking to lock in investment gains when opportunities arise

Performance Monitoring

Performance management and monitoring helps you to know whether you are on track to achieve your plans:

  • You receive ongoing advisory services when you face new financial challenges or receive new financial proposals
  • You get support from our team of professionals and business partners

Financial Life Priority Tracking

Your financial goals and priorities are set and tracked in a timely manner where:

  • Assets are clearly earmarked for each goal so there’s no confusion or mix-up of assets
  • Liquidation process starts 3 years before funding is required
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Financial Planning Clients

MyPF connects clients with licensed financial planners and solutions. Past performance is not a guarantee nor indicative of future performance.

Licensed Financial Planners

“Having a financial plan in place and proper insurance coverage provides peace of mind for myself and my loved ones. Savings created from good financial planning prove beneficial especially in difficult times. Now having a better financial plan, I will be able to improve, control, and hopefully sustain my financial lifestyle.”
~ Angeline, Selangor

”My gratitude to you for walking the financial journey with me… from planning, saving, investing… from I didn’t care about my finances… I learned rather a bit now… from having debts… till now I do save … I am very happy with your service.”
~ Wong, Penang

“InsyaAllah we now have our financial plan, tailored specifically according to our own situations, needs, and goals. We covered diagnostics, recommendations and action plan. The best thing is that the Independent Financial Adviser is not attached to any one product and the approach is not pushing products. I was advised from cash flow, children’s education, haj planning, insurance protection, retirement planning, wasiat, tax, zakat, etc.”
~ Siti, Kuala Lumpur

“Setelah advisor terangkan tentang skop Perancangan Kewangan Penuh (Full Finanical Planning), kami rasa boleh cuba. Harap-harap kami dapat lihat impak kepada keadaan kewangan kami. Selang berapa bulan apabila telah mengaturkan pengstrukturan pinjaman bank kami, kami mula nampak perbezaan kepada aliran tunai kami, dimana ia bertambah sepertimana yang dibentangkan kepada kami pada mulanya. Kami berasa sangat yakin dengan keadaan kewangan kami dan berterimakasih atas nasihat dari advisor. Pastinya keputusan untuk membuat Perancangan Kewangan Penuh adalah terbaik!!”
~ Asri & isteri, Kuala Lumpur

~ GL, Kuala Lumpur

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