MyPF Members Help and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Login FAQ

Q: How do I login?

Login by clicking a login option on the top right of page or


Q: I am getting a password error while logging in.

Check that your username (your registering email) and password is correct including capitals and special characters.

Please note that if you login using “Login with facebook” or “Login with google”, you should use your facebook/google login credentials.


Q: My login cannot be found.

If you have not registered, click on Login with facebook/google OR register for MyPF Membership here.


Q: Have you just Registered?

If you have just newly registered, you will receive a confirmation email to verify your email.

Please allow up to 2 business days for your Membership access to be reviewed and approved by MyPF.


Q: I did not receive my confirmation / password reset email.

Check your junk mail. Sometimes it may take up to 30 minutes for your confirmation /password reset email to arrive.

If you still have not received your confirmation / password reset email after 30 minutes, please get in touch with us.


Q: I forgot my password.

Click here to reset your password


Q: I cannot login using my Google account.

Did you register using your gmail email by putting in your email as your username and created a password? If yes, Login using Google option will not work. You will need to login using your email and password that you used during your account creation. If you cannot remember your password, please try to reset your password.


Membership FAQ

Q: Are there any charges during the Premier trial period?

No, there are no charges during the trial period. Make full use of the trial period to work with your financial planner on how you can achieve your financial goals!


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