About Steven Kiang Kai Han

Steven Kiang, is a Licensed Financial Planner and holds a Capital Market Services Representative License (CMSRL) from the Securities Commission of Malaysia and a Financial Advisor’s Representative (FAR) license from Bank Negara Malaysia. He has a great passion in helping people with a sincere heart. He strongly believes that one's finances are closely related to their family and roots. This affects one's personality and how one makes life decisions. With his strengths in listening, analytics and empathy, he is able to help uncover the hidden facts behind the figures. This leads to coaching to help people realize potential problems and avoid making future mistakes. Steven helps clients to achieve their financial goals by providing holistic and end-to-end financial services using process driven implementation and execution. He is client-centric and strives to provide his best service to client. And he is passionate on educating Malaysians with financial knowledge.


身为业主,若你是以借贷方式购房,那么资产风险规划这一块需纳入考量,以防不测。以下内容会探讨几个为业主提供的房贷保障,包括其利与弊、提示、费用和所需的保障。 (Link to English version)   为何你的房产需要资产风险规划? 作为一个有智慧的业主,你会为所有资产进行风险规划,以确保在发生不幸事故(如死亡、终身残疾)时,将对自己与所爱之人的影响减至最低。 房产的风险 你与家人失去家园。 [...]