Should you rent or buy your own property? This Rent vs Buy calculator helps you to answer this question.


Rent vs Buy Calculator Tips

Based on how long you are planning to stay in a place, it may make sense to buy property instead of renting If total buying costs is lower vs renting.

Total Costs of Staying in Purchased Property calculates the total cost of buying and maintaining a property while deducting the gains from owning your own property including asset appreciation.

Being a renter does have pros including that the hassle and costs of maintenance are handled by the property owner. A good rental price may also be lower cost monthly than paying for a home loan, and thus better for your cashflow.

As a property owner selling your property, it may take a while to find a buyer at an agreed upon price. You will also incur additional costs, RPGT, legal and selling fees. You will want to list your property online.

Alternatively you may decide to hold the property for rental income instead of selling the property.


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